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... hi, im 26 female. i have a 9 yo son and a 9 month old daughter. since the day i gave birth to my daughter i have had this constant lighthead and nausea! ... (5 replies)
... Well i occasionally have a feeling similar to an electric current of low intensity in my head just for a few seconds, and ofcourse this freaks me out. ... (5 replies)
... Oh yes, I've had this feeling! Mine would be when I was trying to fall asleep and all of a sudden I'd jump and have the weirdest feeling in my head. I honestly thought that I'd die in my sleep, I thought I'd quit breathing. Scared me to death. ... (5 replies)

... head rush for a few seconds. Im not gasping for air or anything, just this wierd feeling in my head. then it's a bad anxiety attack for the rest of the night, scared to go to sleep as I think i am going to die if I do. ... (5 replies)
... e. from 2002 til just a few months ago.. its been a while since i have felt it.. but when i did it would ruin my whole night of trying to sleep. i would get that feeling over and over. then i'd get chills and i just literally felt like i was dying.. ... (5 replies)
... i dont have depression :) my partner helps with the kids. its just this feeling will not go away (5 replies)
... Hello everyone, Its been a while since my last post,thought i would try and cope alone for a while. I dont really know where to start,has been a really difficult couple of months for me.Am worried about so much at the moment. I feel so stressed out.My current worries are: My Fathers health,he has copd,i think of him constantly,my mother has hypertension and mobility... (1 replies)
... both symptoms are typical, I don't have them constantly although I had lighthead feeling for about 5 weeks last year and dizzy spells. ... (3 replies)
Light headed 24-7
Feb 20, 2007
... dizzy for over 7 years now on a daily basis. I wake up feeling like this and go to bed feeling like this. You mentioned lightheaded are you having vertigo, meaning an illusion of motion or spinning? ... (10 replies)
... n't need any more extensive testing. for the past couple years i've coped with anxiety farely well. it's just now i feel like it's worsening. lately i've been feeling a lot more nauseated and breathless. it's really irritating. the feeling tends to follow right after i eat. ... (2 replies)
... i notice when im feeling my weirdest that my left foot seems to tingle and and left hand too....and i start seeing this little floater in my left left......just a tiny black dot. ... (2 replies)
Anyone ever....
Feb 24, 2006
... anyone ever been told when they go in to the doc after feeling dizzy or lightheaded that they have an inner ear problem and then go through all the stuff on that? ... (2 replies)
... Yes that has happened to me. Sometimes I get jolted trying to swallow (that could be my GERD thought) or trying to catch a breath. Sometimes this happens when I am falling asleep too. Really just started over the past yr (5 replies)
... I have had a similar symptom for years in varying degrees. Most commonly just as I have drifted off to sleep; I will jolt awake and feel completely disoriented and then be awake for hours after. I have decided that it is my screwed up brain sending an adrenaline rush that triggers the fight or flight instinct. I am getting used to them and have found ways to calm myself down... (5 replies)
... I take Advil.. It seems to take the edge off them. I was given a muscle relaxer as well but I am phobic in taking pills... I hate feeling drugged it only increases my anxiety. Advil helps the best Liquid Gels, If they are anxiety related it is usually muscular as well, from tensing up our muscle. ... (6 replies)
... dizziness, lighthead, nauseated, feeling like I'm about to pass out. ... (7 replies)
New and Dizzy!
Jul 29, 2006
... hi ya when i say i get lighthead its a daily thing and its all the time not so much dizzy like the room is spinning around me but a woozy feeling like im swaying and like i could pass out any second thats what i mean and ive come close to passing out to the point where i stopped breathing for a second and everything went black do you get like that too? ive had a brain mri a... (7 replies)
Kinda nice
Mar 21, 2006
... today marks the 2nd week of starting Paxil cr and ive got to say that i feel better today than i have in 6 months! my symptoms included anxiety attacks feeling like the floor had a mind of its own sometimes (mild) lighthead almost constant dizzy (not spinning but more woozy) twitching today i felt alittle off but very managable (3 replies)

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