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... m 20 yrs old. had a huge tonsil infection during mono last dec, was really bad, didnt eat for 2 wks lost 40 lbs. had to stop working out and drinking and living the crazy life. then in feb started having panic attacks with every wierd physical feeling i would get. i was lightheaded ALL the time. ... (11 replies)
... i actually just got my wisdom teeth out and all the fullness and jaw pain and ear pain i had is completly gone im still left with the dizziness lightheaded spacey feeling thinking either inner ear or anxiety disorder. ... (23 replies)
... felt extremley woozy in my head!! At times my head felt heavy, and it was hard to concentrate!! When I walked I felt as if I was going to fall over, I'd stay on the couch for as long as I could until I absolutely HAD to move. ... (23 replies)

... tionship troubles. I try to stay organized and not overload myself with too much work. I also try to limit contact with people that are toxic. You can't avoid all the bad things, but if you can limit problems, your anxiety will be lessened. ... (23 replies)
... times a day and the diziness is gone...I experienced this for about 7 years before i did anything about it...glad i did..been on the pills for about 6 side effects, no feelings of addiction and wanting more.. ... (23 replies)
... and all my Dr.s blame it on anxiety. ... (23 replies)
... you felt dizzy and lightheaded for 4 months? ... (23 replies)
... im just the opposite. im hoping its not inner ear realted. the good thing would be its something physical and maybe you can address it. but they way the address inner ear problems is time.....theres nothing they can really do excpet tell you to wait it out. were talking months and months. ... (23 replies)
... i had 2 anxiety attacks in 2 days....worse ones ive ever had and now 5 months later i still feel lightheaded and out of it almost always. no other symptoms...just all in my head. ive been tested for everything under the moon. ... (23 replies)
... That would be ME!! All day,everyday. I am really starting to think my TMJ problem is causing my headaches and dizziness being that it is so close related to the ear, which in turn is causing my anxiety and panic attacks. I am lightheaded all the time anxious or not.. ... (25 replies)
... so you have an inner ear problem and your taking it cause it makes you feel better? on one hand thats good cause your not feeling as bad but if you have an inner ear problem they usually only give you very small doses of that stuff. i would go get your inner ears checked not by a regular doc but one like a neurologist. they can do tests to prove inner ear or not. i was... (23 replies)
... for a finance bank in South Africa, and i have had constant lighheadedness for a couple of months now. It started a year ago when i was just sitting at work and all of a sudden it hit me and i was really close to passing out. ... (5 replies)
... old it was inner ear and that Ativan helped. So I'm taking it everyday, which I was told is not good for you, and it seems that it does not cure it it only masks the problem. ... (23 replies)
... how strong were the doses? ... (23 replies)
... oh nevermind....i looked it up. avatin is basically the same thing as cloezepam which is what im taking. ... (23 replies)
... ble with anxiety. That is EXACTLY how I was for a good 4 months. Then of course I thought for sure I was dying,, Went to doc after doc, Its just anxiety!! For me the only thing that has helped is ATIVAN. ... (23 replies)
... Hi comeandrelax.....i know what you are going through. I had something happen back in November and it never really went away. I feel like it most times. At first, my Dr. thought it was immediately innear ear related. And, like SRMom, i was "hoping" it would be innear eat related as it meant something 'physical' was going on, and hopefully it could be address. Having to... (23 replies)
... wow i was suprised when you said you wished it was inner ear cause if i could wish anything in the world right now it would be that its not inner ear. all my docs look at my ears and say they are fine but i had this test done called an eng...and it showed i might have something going on with them. ... (23 replies)
... be derealization or maybe you are not breathing properly because you are anxious. I used to hope it was just my inner ear, but alas, my ears always were fine at the doctor. Xanax makes me feel better too, but if you need it too often, you might want to consider other medication options. ... (23 replies)
... Well Guitarz, I maybe should split my doses like you do so that the effects last all day long, because around 3 in the afternoon the dizyness is back. ... (23 replies)

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