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... jaw, almost like I wanted to clench them. Also jaw sensation, like I ate something sour, but very dull feeling. Started to feel pressure in back of head and neck at same time. Blood rush feelings. Feeling a hunger type feeling high up towards chest area, even after eating. Weaned off the anxiety meds as directed by my dr. ... (6 replies)
... Hey Sam12873, I had a horrible night last night. I woke up about an hour or 2 after falling asleep. Felt like a restless feeling and shakiness. ... (6 replies)
Sep 30, 2005
... I woke up yesturday morning feeling lightheaded that lasted for about a half hour. ... (1 replies)

... eel pressure on my head, dizzy, lightheaded, breathless and slight nausea. I'm not sure if it's a panic attack or a medication side effect. Mine usually happen at night, although not every night, and last anywhere from 15 mintues to a few hours. I wish I knew what was causing this. ... (8 replies)
... exist with the way I like it at night... ... (4 replies)
... Mild headaches, usually at the temples. ... (8 replies)
... face..I guess that's yet to come..but rest asured these are the same symtoms I'm having...the head sensations are the worst ever..I get them all the time..worst at the way I discribe it is like a whirlpool senastion and something moving in my head ...very weird... ... (6 replies)
... Thanks for your reply! That does sound similar to what my boyfriend experiences. Whats wierd is that it just happens to him at night for no apparent reason. Do these attacks happen to you for no reason or does something have to "cause" them? ... (8 replies)
... Mine for some weird reason gets worst at night. I also notice when I eat and I get full..I start to feel like an attack is around the corner.does that happen to you to ? ... (6 replies)
... ing light headed. Im not sure if it was the Lexapro or just the lingering of the panic attacks. I asked my DR and she said it could be and suggested I take it at night. I do that now and have no problems. Not sure but you may want to try that. ... (7 replies)
Lexapro Experience
Sep 15, 2008
... Then, 3 years later after starting a new fulltime job and a few other life changes, my GAD came back full force. I also started getting TMJ at this point from what my dentist told me was clenching my teeth at night. ... (4 replies)
... Hi some of you have read my posts, i've been having pretty much one and only one symptom since this past october. i'm lightheaded or off balance and sometimes, not most of the time, i get pressure in my head and my heart will race when i'm bed at night. ... (8 replies)
... oved to our new house ive had plenty of sneezing. then we went on vacation and still had sneezing, it got so bad that i started weezing and had trouble breathing at times. I noticed some wierd feeling going on my chest but never really announced it. I had trouble going from class to class in my school. ... (2 replies)
... day. I'm really starting to think it's all Anxiety. It seems to come and go throughout the day. I feel it the worst first thing in the morning and again around 5 at night. ... (98 replies)
... Wow. For the past couple of months I've been experiencing alot of anxiety, especially at night when I'm trying to go to sleep. I lay in bed and my mind just explodes with stress and my chest starts to feel tight, almost like I can't breath. ... (20 replies)
... her meds first, but I had bad reactions to them. I was on Lexapro for 3 years, it worked great, and I weaned myself off of it in March. I still take Xanax just at night to help fall asleep. I've been fine this whole time until about 3 weeks ago. ... (5 replies)
... Sounds like anxiety to me. You also sound exactly how I feel. My symptoms happen alot at night also and I am having them right now in fact. I would see your dr. He can give you something to help you during those times you feel anxiety. ... (9 replies)
Anxiety need help!
Sep 26, 2006
... I have been lightheaded 24 hours a day for months now. I have had insomana all my life but now I am tired all the time. I will get anziey out of no were. ... (3 replies)
Anxiety and work??
Apr 25, 2006
... to ask....for the past few months ive been having what i think are anxiety attacks at usually a very nice person but i feel like im going to go nuts...first off , i work at subway and im usually there at night by myself .... ... (3 replies)
... i'm trying to determine if i have anxiety....i have wierd head feelings.....not that the room is spinning but that my vision isn't right...kind of like feeling lightheaded and i really get this when i'm out in public. what is the feeling of derealization supposed to feel like? ... (11 replies)

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