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... About 8 months ago I had some light chest pains that would come and go but nothing major. My doctor sent me for a stress test and everything was normal. I competed in two triathlons and had no issues. ... (4 replies)
... Tonight i was just playing a video game, decided to get up and go to bed. Well i took my meds, i felt something in my nose so just sniffed it down. I felt this cool sensation in my chest, and i remember that somebody i knew on the video game said that he was on extasy. ... (1 replies)
... I've always kinda had my "moments" of worrying, but nothing very severe. ... (6 replies)

... I have the same symptoms and it is anxiety in my case. Anxiety is an ever changing condition and it manifests itself in a ton of different ways. ... (1 replies)
... ly it speeds up for no apparent reason even when im not anxious at all and i feel like im having a heart attack sometime si get bad chest pains just laying there in sleep i feel them in my sleep im afraid im going to have a heart attack... ... (5 replies)
... m new here I'm 19 and I'm a female. I've never been diagnosed with anxiety but I've always kinda been a worryer. It all started when I woke up one Monday morning in march with this big headache behind my right eye well I went to gatlinburg with my boyfriend and it still hadn't gone away. ... (0 replies)
... sually my blood pressure goes up when that happens today when i was asleep i felt my heart punding inmy sleep i woke up took my blood pressure and heart rate and my heart was going 90 something resting my blood pressure was ok can people have thathappent o them in there sleep with anxiety? ... (0 replies)
... i had one dizzy spell on aug. 9 and since then it has i think brought on worse sensations in my head, I guess from lack of sleep and heavy periods. It was awful, now when I put my head in certain positions it makes my head feel giddy and off balance. ... (5 replies)
... Hello. This is really difficult for me to try and explain. Maybe a month or two ago now, I remember taking off my coat and as I tensed my back, there was pain in my upper spine. ... (5 replies)
... it all started one night when i went to lay in the tanning bed I felt funny but I brushed it off thinking that was just in my head cause it was a small room. ... (4 replies)
... ya i ve had blood sugar problems too then this all started but ive been monitoring it daily nothing crazy so far besides that day were you lightheaded alot at first are you on meds did you ever get nauseaous im having difficulty breahting right now with all my symptoms i still feel theres more to it but maybe im wrong maybe it is anxiety i suppose its better than thinking its... (30 replies)
... ed. I fear I am going to die. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. I get very dizzy, lightheaded to the point of almost passing out and I have to fight my body to stay conscious, I start getting palpitations I can barely breathe and I am constantly fearing that I am going to collapse and die or die in my sleep. ... (1 replies)
... I am in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy right now....It is an out of pocket expense.... ... (6 replies)
... feels like.. Okay have you ever been in airplane, or on a train and you are slowly moving and for a split second you feel as if your eyes aren't keeping up with the motion.. you get a dizzy feeling.. ... (25 replies)
... Hopefully someone will read through my experience, and find comfort in it or help because of it. ... (30 replies)
... free days, I am literally anxiety free as well. I LIKE to go out and DO things, and I enjoy being on my own. ... (27 replies)
... oo long. Ever since I was a teenager i have suffered from anxiety. I would get panic attacked and be unable to breath ect ect. I would always be anxious if I was in an unfarmiliar flace or out of my comfort zone. ... (0 replies)
What is this?
Jul 9, 2003
... Hi there, i am 22 yr old, dont know where to start but here goes, this will be long but please read and help me out.. thankyou so much in advance... ... (2 replies)
... Well, for those of you who don't remember me, here's my quick story... ... (5 replies)
... had to be strong for everyone else. I think that screwed me up mentally because I never really grieved. I went to therapy for a while but stopped eventually. My main anxiety symptoms back then were feeling like I couldn't breathe and feeling lightheaded. They would come on in social situations I wasn't comfortable with. ... (1 replies)

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