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... groups of people, I don't have panic attacks while in public places. But a lot of the time when I am in public settings I feel detached from myself. I feel very isolated from other people even when I'm around them. I'm very quiet in social settings and I just hate socializing. ... (24 replies)
... t really diagnose myself, I just try and find the right direction to look in. When I had asked others about this who have AVPD, they claimed I sounded very much like them. They said once AVPD becomes severe enough, total isolation can occur. ... (24 replies)
... Social anxiety disorder is a phobia of being around people, often leading to anxiety attacks in public. Like I said, I don't get physically nervous around people. I just become detached, and isolated. ... (24 replies)

... So great to read these posts. I Googled "I don't like to be around people" to see what would come up and found this forum. Needless to say, I don't like to be around other people. ... (24 replies)
... relationships with one involving the selling of my house... I have been working from home in my own business as a website developer for the past year and am very isolated and don't get very much interaction with people. ... (6 replies)
... Did you have people you regularly talked with or were you completely isolated in terms of social relationships at the job like i was. Sure i talked when it pertained to the job and when i had too but i never started a regular conversation with anyone. ... (14 replies)
... t really feel like I have any emotions or creativity. It's like a part of my brain has been shut off. I have lost interest in hanging out with friends, my career, meeting a woman, partaking in fun activities, and so forth. ... (6 replies)
... enzymes as the body deals with them like they would drugs. ... (13 replies)
... estimate if you ask me. That said, God knows what it must be like being brought up in Airdre. Mean no disrespect there. Its just that you make it sound a bit isolated. ... (3 replies)
... these guick stops was a big step for me because I usually just stay in the house. I really feel good about doing something different from my regular routine of being isolated from the world. ... (106 replies)
... ongenital heart disease but I feel that I am not living my life and I desperately need some help. It is not only this but other factors that contribute to me not being able to live the life I want to live. ... (4 replies)
... hs afeterwards I will get this intense feeling of dread, on and off, usually at night time, and sometimes worse when I',m in a group of people, though, sometimes being aroind people helps. ... (13 replies)
... The past two weeks I started to develop anxiety and have panic attacks while being away from home. It would just start while I would be watching TV or laying in bed in the hotel room. ... (2 replies)
... heavy panic attack the other night and the rest of the time is spent in just general anxiety. i'm a bit afraid to be alone for too long right now as my thoughts, like yours, turn to catastrophic ones. The more i sit alone, or search the internet, the worse my anxiety gets. Feelin pretty scared and isolated, honestly. ... (21 replies)
... instead becoming more withdrawn and spiralling into a more anxious state. Eventually, my problems, left untreated, led to depression and I felt like I had a little voice in my head constantly telling me that seeking help was weak, I was nothing, not goot enough etc. It made me feel like an empty shell. ... (0 replies)
... By middle school, I pretty much isolated myself from kids my age. ... (1 replies)
... I'm never comfortable in public places and just knowing the fact that my blood pressure is being taken gets me stressed out and anxious which as a result makes it go up. ... (3 replies)
Hope is shattered
Jan 20, 2005
... Hey Sue. No point intended with the 46 comment. I just feel like a ancient 26. I never put negative thoughts in my head. When you dont have the answer to something thats not being negative. ... (26 replies)
... But after an incident where I actually DID choke, I developed a fear of swallowing, eating, etc...everytime I ate I felt like I was going to choke, and then I forgot how to swallow, totally interefred with eating and made it embaressing and scary.... ... (8 replies)
... I feel panicky all day long constantly and feel impending doom and terrified of dying, the actual day of my death and getting older and health problems and loved ones health problems and dying and constant worry, racing thoughts, ocd I feel more hopeless as each day passes BUT I have two young children to raise and am divorced from an abusive husband but can't cope... (9 replies)

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