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... I have been having these wierd sensations on my right side of my face. Its like my lips and part of my cheek feel sort of "fat" like they are going numb. I constantly touch the are with my toungue and hands, and still have feeling in them. ... (10 replies)
... amphetamines one night and three days later I was in the ER complaining of my heart beating fast, couldn't breathe, and I went numb everywhere. I was shoved out of there with a bill and reference to some other doctor if it persisited. ... (5 replies)
... Okay, I feel like I am losing my mind here and hoping that someone might shed some light here. Here's what's going on. I started feeling "panicky" in situations that used to not bother me at all. ... (5 replies)

... hi kimmi,i know what your going through mine started dec 21st thought i was having a stroke or something my arm and lips went numb and had a feeling of something being terribly wrong with me ,he told me i had fluid behind my ear and told me thats what was making me feel like that ,went to my reg doc and he gave me allegra and told me thats why i was feeling so strange 2 weeks... (6 replies)
... I have had GAD and panic disorder for years. Everytime I have a bout with high anxiety levels I have a different set of symptoms. I had a month of my entire left side going numb, I've had burning sensations, tingling lips, horible palpitations (which caued health anxiety and extreme worry about my heart), you name it I've had it. Presently I am tired all day and feel like my... (4 replies)
... During the last 10-15 weeks, i've been developing bad anxiety. First it was fear of losing an eye, then death etc each triggered by different experiences. I'm not 100% sure if this if considered anxiety. I had trouble sleeping last night so this boredom triggered some thoughts. When i got a tooth removed as a kid, the local anesthetics they used caused by lower lip to go... (0 replies)
... I'm going to be a senior in college next year. At the end of April, one day I took two benadryl in the afternoon to relieve some allergy symptoms. ... (5 replies)
... s I was under lots of stress. I didnt feel this way but the dr says stress is what normally causes panic attacks that come from out of the blue. I did have a lot going on but figured I could handle it so i took some of the weight off but now for some reason i cant relax.. ... (2 replies)
Apr 9, 2005
... o numb, i was so anxious about walking around and what not, but anxious to go to sleep. which is the worse haha. because id always wake up with horrible anxiety, numb scalp, head, lips, arms, legs. you name it, it was numb. ... (5 replies)
... I sat down at my desk and said ahhh a nice quiet moment... let me check email to see whats going on. I got an email from a customer with pictures of the crib they bought. it was cracked.... and as i was lookin at the pictures.. i started feeling weird. ... (5 replies)
... and I woke up at about 4am, to an arm that was completely numb of any feeling. I thought it was someone elses at the time actually. My immediate reaction was to flip out. and got very very anxious. ... (9 replies)
... Both me and my family dr are stumped.From my family drs exam she said there is something going on.But this MDS that I saw last week is basicly going on some other drs notes that I saw from 3 yrs before. ... (3 replies)
... panic disorder and have suffered with the symptoms you are going through. Especially the hands and feet don't feel your own even though you can control them. ... (5 replies)
... I have a feeling I know what you're going through. I just recently lost a job and it has caused me a lot of stress. Stress is the MAJOR factor in dealing with anxiety. ... (3 replies)
Please help me....
Nov 25, 2010
... est pain last night, felt like I couldn't breathe, hard to swallow, terror, rapid heart rate, both hands were numb, felt totally out of control, scared, face and lips felt strange. The more I thought about it the worse it became. The chest pain was not horrible. ... (1 replies)
... found out that what I was suffering from in the spring was anxiety and not something more, I decided to deal with it on my own. When I'd start getting dizzy and numb and all that good stuff, I'd sit in my bedroom and listen to realxing music or put on a comforting TV show. I tried to keep myself busy and not think about it. ... (0 replies)
... Holy cow. Thank you SO much. I also wonder how many people with anxiety disorders actually have this. As well as tachicardic conditions. ANDDD I bet it also effects the vagel nerve. This is all coming together.... thanks again!!! (7 replies)
... I have GAD and panic disorder and everytime I go through an anxiety phase it's with differerent symptoms. Last year my entire left side from head to toes went numb for over a month. I saw my psychologist and after a few sessions with her and some acupuncture, I finally got over that hump. ... (10 replies)
... stream, and this results to symptoms that are very similar to panic attacks. Sometimes we think we are having a panic attack, but when we have these symptoms are going all day long, we are really hyperventilating... Panic attacks are just as intense but peak in a matter of minutes and then subside.. ... (7 replies)
... ve experienced a lot of this, and a lot of the times, mine too were in social settings. I feel as if I'm buzzed, as someone else already stated, and sometimes my lips and other parts of my face feel as if they're somewhat numb, it's very strange. I think the more one thinks about it, the worse it can get. ... (4 replies)

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