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... Each person metabolizes medicines and drugs differently. There are I think 4 different "types" of metabolizers. The 1st type is very sensitive to meds and can have strong effects from even the slightest bit. ... (9 replies)
... m getting the appropriate number of 'regular' beats to the skipped ones. A couple of times in an ambulance really hit home that I needed to get something sorted. ... (127 replies)
... You DON'T want to become dependent on Xanax. It is a very incidious drug. It will trick you. Of all of the drugs that I have ever taken it is the only drug that beat me. I have tried for eleven year to stop this drug. ... (9 replies)

Rapid heart Beat
Jul 11, 2010
... Hello, I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I also now have developed BAD insomnia. Can't fall asleep or get a wink in. My heart races while in bed trying to sleep. ... (1 replies)
... OCD and Panic however I am not sure I want to begin using it after hearing some of the many horror stories with taking it as well as coming off of it. I am not one to take medications to begin with I am pill phobic to side effects. ... (4 replies)
... weight gain is my biggest fear when i take these meds! im just wondering those of you who are on lexapro, have you gained much weight? ... (9 replies)
... The klonopin did do me a world of good for the anxiety, panic attacks I was experiencing at the time. But it is a controlled drug for a reason. ... (18 replies)
Muscle twitches
Sep 21, 2006
... dly do it at all anymore. It did take almost 12 weeks though at 20mg. a day broken into 4 times a day at 5mg. to start working. If you can get through the side effects Buspar can really relieve the stress and anxiety in some patients and it has been used long term now. It's an older drug, been around since 1986. ... (20 replies)
Long vent
Jan 24, 2005
... mg Klonopin and I'm great. I still get the "what if" thoughts every once in a while but there are no sexual side effects and the liver issue is monitored every six months with a blood test. ... (2 replies)
... d's before my dr was willing to let me take Xanax long term. I just could not handle the side effects of the other medications. Be honest with your dr, that is most important. They will not let you refill Xanax early so you must take it as directed. Good luck. ... (8 replies)
... panic attacks. I have had good experience with off and on use of xanax to stop panic in its tracks, and thought I'd try an SSRI to see if that would help on a long term basis. My Dr. prescribed me Celexa 10mg, which I have taken for the past four days. ... (1 replies)
... I took the Effexor for three days, the headaches and anxiety got worse and I just felt like crap. On top of it all, I kept reading all the horrible things on the 'net about what its like coming off this drug. ... (6 replies)
... i take klonopin in the day usually within the first 4 hours of when i wake up. ive been on it for about 4 months now. i started out at .5mg and then worked my way up to 1mg daily. ... (8 replies)
ER last night
Feb 12, 2006
... I began having them in March and had the hot, nauseated, dizzy feelings until I began a course of klonopin two weeks ago. It was dreadful. ... (14 replies)
... term, and I'm left with having to take yet another benzo just to relieve the after effects of the first benzo I'd taken. I've been having panic attacks since March, when I stopped the frissium. ... (9 replies)
... me for thyroid and discovered my thyroid was too high. After takings Levothroid for several months and seeing no difference in my heart rate they decided it was Anxiety causing it and now I'm taking the Thyroid medication in addition to Buspar and Atenolol which is a beta blocker. My heart rate is now less than 100. ... (7 replies)
... I hope you at least do your own research and learn of the side effects, addiction potential, and long term consequences. Doctors are overprescribing antidepressants and sedatives. If you're interested, there's a natural alternative that's fairly new to the market. ... (3 replies)
... Libido seems low, might be because my anxiety is worse. An erection and orgasm are still possible and feel better than normal, but an orgasm takes a long time, sometimes I get bored and do something else. ... (32 replies)
... hopping. You see you had a stiff leg, but you were still walking and it's not serious. It's just tension. Your headache is just tension...caused by your own fear of feeling the physical manifestations of tension. I found myself wishing we could have gone shopping together... ... (23 replies)
Paxil Help
Nov 14, 2008
... Well it's been awhile since my last post, but I'm sure as many of you know, the battle with anxiety isn't a short term issue. ... (7 replies)

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