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... You are in the same boat as many other people. Local doctors wil not prescribe it long term, so you have to go to a psychiatrist. Unfortunately, I don't think you have the option. It is rare to find a medication that works. ... (11 replies)
... Your breathing trouble is the anxiety itself. when i get anxious i can't do any intense work without feeling like can't breathe. But on a good day i can lift,move,tear or stack anything. (7 replies)
... of my Xanax per day should cause no problems. ... (5 replies)

... e brain can build up a "defense" if you will, which creates more excitatory neuros and imbalancing the receptor system.....this is tolerance. No way to know how long it takes to build tolerance. ... (30 replies)
... I can only tell you about Xanax since that is all I take. ... (5 replies)
Xanax help!
Jan 14, 2012
... up note from a "veteran" of xanax usage. I'm happy to say that I'm down from 4 mg to 3. ... (13 replies)
Xanax question
Oct 4, 2009
... I've been taking Xanax for over 2 years. I was taking 6mg until last week. I've met my match with this drug. My philosophy, is the juice worth the squeeze? ... (11 replies)
Xanax & Adderall
Mar 1, 2006
... Xanax will only be a short term solution. ... (2 replies)
... I have currently been on .5MG of xanax and my psychiatrist has switched me to klonopin to take tonight and says it is a better med in which you can take longer. ... (7 replies)
... I'm on Xanax XR . ... (1 replies)
... A couple of months ago I posted my VERY LONG story about my Panic, Anxiety and OCD. ... (17 replies)
... I asked a question concerning Depakote and possible damage. Does Depakote fall into this same boat? My anxiety surge came after discontinuing (properly) Depakote after 5 years..for migraines. It's an anti-seizure drug. Is it possible that any of this brain stuff about deregulation, and any of the above could have taken place and given me this ridiculous anxiety upon my... (30 replies)
Dec 4, 2003
... workers just seem to have to find out what you are taking if they happen to see you doing so. Sometimes, as in my case, Xanax is the only thing that works, so I am stuck. ... (17 replies)
... Too bad some doctors are not as wise as you are and push the daily use thing which is what leads to trouble. ... (30 replies)
Xanax or ativan
Feb 9, 2007
... makes you happy or relaxed, but there are many people who take Benzo's long term. Your doctor is making stuff up about the bandaid because SSRI's are just as much a bandaid as a Benzo, they just don't work as well. LOL. ... (28 replies)
Xanax prescription
Oct 29, 2006
... term use. He said a family doctor was not allowed to prescribe xanax long term. Anyone know if this is true? ... (5 replies)
Xanax XR
Oct 18, 2006
... e that stopping will be difficult. There is withdrawl, but not only that, the anxiety comes back from before when you stop, so I just assume consider it for the long term. I started a thread for the long term use of Xanax and got some positive responses, check it out. I have only been on it for about 2 months. ... (54 replies)
... I think I've been addicted for about 6 months now. I've been taking it for a year now. It is supposed to be a "short term use only" drug. The thing with Xanax is that people start needing more and more as time goes on. I started out with .25 mg and now I am up to 3.0 mg. ... (12 replies)
Xanax & Adderall
Feb 28, 2006
... I have long since been on Adderall for ADHD and it has helped greatly. ... (2 replies)
... Did you have constant anxiety before Xanax? Sometimes the "as needed" way can turn into dependancy, tolerance and the need to go to everyday use. That's not as likely but I've heard of it happening. Or if someone starts off with daily use right away, then sometimes the "rebound" as each dose fades can be misfigured as part of the original condition when in fact it is... (30 replies)

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