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... properties to it, where xanax does not. Klonopin is easier to manage and more for long term usage compared to the short term effects of xanax or ativan. ... (1 replies)
... life of a medication gives you information about how long it will stay in your blood. ... (8 replies)
Here again,,at 6am
Nov 20, 2006
... depressants that are keeping you guys up at night. Honestly, the only thing I found that owkred for my anxiety is straight Xanax. A lost of doctors are against long term use of Xanax, but that was it's intended purpose. ... (5 replies)

... ery difficult to find a drug that will help and not have huge side effects, so if you found one that did, then get it back. There have been many studies proving long term use of Xanax is appropriate for anxiety dissorder and panic, so find doctor who will prescribe it again. ... (1 replies)
... adhd speed to make them consentrate. Your body doesnt process its chemicals correctly so these meds help to keep you from having incorrect levels. Xanax is a guick fix and was never intended for long term use. It is actually written for people with agorephobia and clausterphobia ect. ... (33 replies)
... I see that you've been taking Xanax for 12 years and from what you post, it's caused no problems for you. ... (8 replies)
... Benzos are incredibly effective for anxiety but there is a caveat. They are addictive and often after long-term use, you start to experience what is called tolerance. Tolerance is where you take your same dose but the drug does not produce the same effect that it was doing at this same does. In other words, this dose is no longer working to control your anxiety. Most ppl are... (26 replies)
... Please keep in mind that Xanax isn't the right medication for everyone and some Doctors won't even prescribe it...or any benzo's for that matter. ... (15 replies)
Meds question
Jan 24, 2013
... t of what contributes to many anxiety disorders and these drugs, by increasing the availability help reduce or eliminate symptoms. SSRI's are generally safe for long term use, and are well tolerated by most people. ... (2 replies)
... Well I think your in need of some, I'm the last person to say take meds cause I myself am tapering off of xanax now and feel I really don't want any meds in my system at all. But I am finding ways to controll my anxiety alot better than before. ... (3 replies)
Zanax Tolerance
Nov 26, 2006
... Not at all. That is what we are here for. I take only Xanax and 2 mg per day of the XR version. I am switching back to the regular version though because the XR is not lasting nearly as long as it is supposed to. ... (27 replies)
Social anxiety
Jul 27, 2003
... Actually, even though it is probably the best Social Anxiety treatment out there, Klonopin does not have an official designation for Social Anxiety in the U.S. It's two FDA-approved uses are as an anti-epileptic and for panic disorder. But in reality it's prescribed for almost any anxiety disorder other than OCD, plus for many other uses such as treating Essential Tremor and... (23 replies)
... I have taken valium, XANAX, and ativan (in the hospital). XANAX and Valium were both "long" term medications (3-6 mos.) and neither turned in to one that proved to provoke any sort of dependancy, at least for me. This is also true for the majority of the Hundreds of Millions of people for whom BILLIONS of prescriptions were written for said medications over the course of 40... (9 replies)
XANAX users.
May 22, 2003
... H of a time getting a benzo perscription from my doctor, and have suffered through 6 months of SSRI crap, when I knew all along that benzos like XANAX and Valium do the trick FOR ME. It's just the "pop a pill" business is the reason WHY Doctors today seem dead set against benzos, and its BS. ... (25 replies)
Zanax Tolerance
Nov 29, 2006
... Also, some people do not take Xanax everyday. ... (27 replies)
... is equal to about 0.1mg of xanax or Klonopin. 2mg to 5mg in an adult is for very mild anxiety. You might as well be taking an asprinin. ... (3 replies)
Anxiety problem?
Jan 20, 2013
... There are two types of drugs that are used for the most part in addressing anxiety. For long term relief the first choice is SSRI class drugs like Prozac, Celexa or Lexapro. These are also used in other related disorders like depression and OCD. ... (6 replies)
... Buck has it right. It is called Pure OCD where you obsess about things but don't have the compulsions. I have this form of OCD as well. I also take Xanax and it has literally saved my life. I would consider asking your doctor about the possible long term use of Xanax. ... (9 replies)
... After a lifetime of all kinds of trauma I developed a severe panic disorder. My doctor put me on xanax almost 3 years ago. He said the same to me about also putting me on an antidepressant. I wasn't depressed and couldn't understand why I needed both. ... (2 replies)
... k. But when i'm with people who give me the chance, I can always think about stuff to talk about. i've gone to a doctor before and have been prescribed paxil and xanax in the past. Both drugs turned me into a paranoid skitzo. With Paxil I would sometimes think someone was breaking into my house. ... (3 replies)

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