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... Yoga, hypnosis, acupuncture, massage, meditation, prayer. All help you get into a calmer state of mind. Try one, or all of them. I use Yoga, hypnosis, massage, acupuncture and prayer. If you're not religious, try meditation in lieu of prayer. ... (1 replies)
... s many people sleepy and there are newer drugs that don't. If it works for you, though, and you don't have any medical contraindications, I'd try it, but again, use the appropriate formulation. Many of the nighttime formulation pain killer drugs like Tylenol PM or Advil Nighttime, etc. ... (4 replies)
... is a short term panic attack medication that is very addictive. ... (2 replies)

... s usually will happen over time. You will become severely dependent on the medication. I got to where I could never travel any distance away from home without my xanax or klonopin. The second thing that happens to a lot of ppl is that they start becoming tolerant to the medication. ... (14 replies)
... No, actually, taking it everyday will hasten tolerance to it's effects! (13 replies)
... Amen Allen Dave Amen....thanks for the post. (13 replies)
... Exactly my thoughts. I have been taking Valium for over 30 years and I know I'm hooked on it. I would much rather not be taking it, but the bottom line is it works better than anything else I've tried. (13 replies)
... I was hoping the more days I took it in a row the more my anxiety would disappear, but it seems I wake up everyday the same way, not feeling any better and have to take one. (13 replies)
... i took xanex when i had panic attacks...i took lexapro to prevent the panic attacks. i guess you take them how you need it/when you need it. if you want a preventative i would recommend lexapro for anxiety (if that is what your dealing with). (13 replies)
Feb 1, 2005
... I have to agree with this. Antipsychotics are very powerful and can cause numerous side effects like fatigue, brain fog. Not to mention long term neurological possibilities and also diabetes can be caused by Zyprexa. ... (5 replies)
... days. Many say it's the nastiest SSRI to get off of. However, Paxil is a very good antidepressant if you plan to take it long term. ... (5 replies)
... So Zoloft and other drugs effect the brain but there are questions as to any adverse changes in the brain after long term just try not to take any psych drugs too long! ... (7 replies)
... term use as it is a benzo. Too bad, really. When I was working I used 1 mg Ativan nightly for 15 years. Worked like a charm, and I never had to increase my dose. ... (22 replies)
... panic attacks. I have had good experience with off and on use of xanax to stop panic in its tracks, and thought I'd try an SSRI to see if that would help on a long term basis. My Dr. prescribed me Celexa 10mg, which I have taken for the past four days. ... (1 replies)
... xanax is not for long term use.....I would try another AD and see if it helps... ... (1 replies)
... term use is it can be addictive, but using it in a limited capacity to "tide you over" until the meds kick in shouldn't be an issue! ... (10 replies)
... So, I am reaching the point of desperation and could really use some good advice from others who might suffer from insomnia as well... ... (10 replies)
Zanax Tolerance
Nov 29, 2006
... taking Xanax for many many years some of them 10's of years with no ill effects, and a lot of us who are new at this and wonder what the future prognosis is for long term use. ... (27 replies)
... yup thats the reason... but IMO its more because so many people abuse benzos to get a cheap high or to counter act the anxiety effects of street drugs... and its caused people like us that actually "need" them to feel normal and have a normal anxiety free life big problems in getting a DR to Rx them.. seems like most DRs seem to think if you ask for a benzo .. you must be a... (17 replies)
... You're very welcome. I'm glad I could be of some help. (17 replies)

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