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... insomnia. I am to take 1 to 2 tablets per night. I have done this for the last month and it really doesn't do much to help me sleep but I do feel more "relaxed". But...... ... (3 replies)
... Ginny, I take lorazepam for anxiety and lexapro 20 mg. Now i think that lorazepam is very addicting, but i also no it helps me alot. when im having anxiety i take one and usually i only have to take one a day . ... (4 replies)
... Ok, I think I will give that a try. I don't need to take the lorazepam at night to sleep...I sleep just fine without I guess I will cut that one out and see how it goes. Worse comes to worse I'll keep them by the bed and if I need one I can take one. ... (5 replies)

... In 2011, I was diagnosed with pseudo tumor cerebri, pretty much excess pressure on my brain. I started having sleep issues which led to anxiety over sleep and what was going on with me. I ended up finding out what was wrong and my sleep problems and anxiety persisted and then it eventually went away. All was good. ... (7 replies)
... at least it did on me. I went back to my psychiatrist and exchanged the clonazepam for a lorazepam script. ... (5 replies)
Lorazepam question
Jun 17, 2007
... Greetings all! I have a question concerning Ativan(Lorazepam). Can it cause my leg to feel simultaneously weak and restless? I was trying to stop taking it every evening by trying to cut the pill in half(dosage: 0.5). I started doing that on Thursday evening and of course I couldn't sleep. On top of that for some reason I had terrible pain in the leg that now feels weak and... (4 replies)
... t. It was very strange. First, I suffer from Anxiety, OCD, Scrupulosity, Hypochondria and I have panic attacks from time to time. I am taking Atarax at night for sleep and Lorezapam during the day for anxiety. ... (2 replies)
Sleep and anxiety
Apr 25, 2015
... I'm diagnosed with having an anxiety disorder coupled with occasional depression. I get the lorazepam prescribed as well for sleep. It makes me too lazy to wake up on time in the morning though. I got a bunch of stuff going like college, work, and family. ... (7 replies)
... I tried Ativan. It helped me sleep but did not help my anxiety. As I tapered off, I got terrible cluster headaches. I gave up meds after that. ... (4 replies)
... How many of you use this with success? I have been on it since February 05 and it has made a tremendous difference in my fatigue, sleep, and dizziness. I have tried other things too. I CANNOT take antidepressants. They make me so dizzy. They just don't agree with my body. I have tried amitriptyline, Celexa, Zoloft, and trazodone and they all give me that headachy, dizzy... (4 replies)
... Hi, I take .5 mg and I am pretty small, 5ft 1 in and under 100 lbs. For me, it just "takes the edge off" as they say. Also helps me sleep. It's just enough for me. So you are probably okay with it, esp. if your doc okayed it as well. Give it a try... (5 replies)
... and as long as it helps and i can sleep i will stop the klonopin totally unless i really have a panic attack that i can't handle. ... (4 replies)
Starting Lorazepam
Aug 12, 2005
... i agree with all of you. that's why we always say people and their response to drugs are different. benzo's take the edge off of my panic but certainly don't drug me or put me to sleep. i would have totake 4 .5 mg of klonopin to be drousy. my husband on the other hand who is twice my size is out cold for 24 hours on any .5 mg of any benzo. go figure. (11 replies)
Lorazepam ??
Mar 15, 2005
... I have been on Lorsapam (ativan ) for 6 years for my anxiety / panic attacks. I take 2 to 4 mg's nightly if I get an attack coming on. My attacks usually come on in the evening hours for some reason. I get nervous , pace the floor , heart speeds up and I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin I get so wierd feeling. Other wise I take 1 mg. at bedtime just so I can... (5 replies)
... I also took a Lorazepam because my anxiety was acting up again and later, I had just one beer with my dinner. For the rest of the evening I just did'nt feel right at all. ... (12 replies)
... There is an interaction between Atarax and alcohol, which shouldn't be a surprise considering that's when you have your problems. Alcohol can increase the effects (both intentional and side effects) of Atarax. It can cause in depression of your central nervous system, which may cause impairment of judgment, thinking, and motor skills. It's recommended not to drink or limit... (2 replies)
... I tend to sleep pretty good and wake up feeling normal. Also, if take a Lorazepam in the mornings, DO NOT drink all day but take an Atarx in the evenings, I wake up feeling a bit "drugged" but still feel pretty normal. ... (2 replies)
... :) I understand what you are may be right. But, as an honor student in college, I research everything that is of importance to me. I'm going in to the doctorís office with an agenda on paper (that he will be going over with me). As the paying customer, I'm going to run the show :D ...but at the same time, not coming across as if I am questioning his knowledge and... (11 replies)
... I have always had anxiety, hypochondria, depression, etc and have been on a variety of different meds over the past 12 years. I am currently taking Atarax for sleep and Lorazepam for anxiety. ... (8 replies)
Help please
Jan 10, 2017
... ays I been having 2 attacks per day, so I went to the doctor today and they prescribe me with Paroxetine 20mg they told me to take it in the morning and take the lorazepam at night just want to know if it's safe to take the lorazepam more then once a day cause I'm still feeling anxiety and I can't wait until bedtime to take it. ... (1 replies)

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