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... and a prescription of Lorazepam for 10 days to hold me over incase I feel anxious. ... (0 replies)
... e Lorazepam. For the first two weeks, the only symptom I was experiencing was the feeling of someone squeezing my head in and also my vision just started to get worse but I just thought I needed new glasses. After those two weeks, I started feeling EVERYTHING during the day.. ... (5 replies)
... wasn't feeling well,dry mouth feeling even depression.wan't sleeping well I called my doctor,first he said to take an extra dose in the afternoon, made me feel worse , so he said to cut down on the klonopin, I was only taking . ... (15 replies)

... Ok, I think I will give that a try. I don't need to take the lorazepam at night to sleep...I sleep just fine without I guess I will cut that one out and see how it goes. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks guys for responding. My prescription for Lorazepam is 0.5 mg twice daily. I will go ahead and try it, but I think at first I am going to cut the pill in half. ... (9 replies)
... Those medications wre not meant to stop and quit right away.The Doctor never prescribed lorazepam for me but I believe that all the Meds in that class are mild tranquilizer's. ... (3 replies)
... of a .125mg tablet,of klonopin,I sorta feel out of it, I will take the.25mg tablet of lorazepam at noon, I just don't feel that great after taking the klonopin. ... (15 replies)
... Hi, Well,back from the ER,it was not the Ativan.It was actually an anxiety attack.That is why when I took another Ativan just for kicks about an hour before I to ER,I started to feel a little better.Never had a generalized anxiety attack like that before,only social anxiety.I thought how it was funny that a med for anxiety would cause that.Well,they said that since... (8 replies)
... Benzo's are a depressant and make depression worse if taken on a regular basis. They are for anxiety. ... (6 replies)
... When my doctor switched me to klonopin, He had me take .125 mg at 6am and at 6pm, and told me to take a .25mg tablet of lorazapem at noon,and then cut the tablets into quarters for another week I guess till the klonopin started taking affect, , I thought it was to also sort of wean me off of the lorazepam. I felt calm at first, but for some reason the klonopin, months later... (15 replies)
... I also took a Lorazepam because my anxiety was acting up again and later, I had just one beer with my dinner. For the rest of the evening I just did'nt feel right at all. ... (12 replies)
... I would wake up with severe dizziness after an evening of drinking. Then, it got worse and I would get dizzy in the evenings once the alcohol wore off. ... (1 replies)
... he also suggested I take lorazepam in the morning and at night to feel calmer. ... (2 replies)
... It feels like I never get a proper night's sleep, and the only thing that seems to help is taking a lorazepam when I wake up around 4 am. Is the citalopram likely to be any help with this if I stick with it, because it seems to be making things worse rather than better? ... (6 replies)
My Anxiety
May 17, 2014
... I have been on anxiety medications for several years. Lorazepam and Busparone. I lost my insurance in August and just got back on the Busparone in February. ... (4 replies)
... back when bending. I went to the doctor and gave her the full run down of all my symptoms. She diagnosed me with suffering from anxiety and prescribed me Lorazepam and told me to take it when I have these attacks. I have found that, at least for me, the Lorazepam really does not help me. ... (5 replies)
... you will usually feel worse while you are adapting to it. ... (1 replies)
... symptoms are uncomfortable and can last for several weeks. Usually your doctor will tell you that you may feel worse before you feel better and not to give up too soon. It can take a full six weeks before you notice the full benefits from Paxil. ... (4 replies)
... nd to see if anyone my have some helpful tips for me. My story is. I have always had slight anxiety but not enough to take over my life, it seemed to have gotten worse when i move to a new city. ... (2 replies)
May 16, 2009
... Has anyone tried propanolol for anxiety? Is it effective? I usually get on well with lorazepam PRN, but my various docs are concerned about the addictiveness as I have been using it every day, and will not prescribe me any more - sensible I suppose. I have also been prescribed citalopram for the last 3-4 weeks, but I have not found it effective at all: in fact, I think... (2 replies)

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