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Mar 30, 2005
... lorazepam is a valium type med, its probably not good to take it daily for a long time but this would depend on the dose zoloft is an antidepressant and works in a different way, needs to be taken daily for 2 to 6 weeks before it starts to work properly, sometimes it doesnt work or works for a while then stops, if it does work, it will reduce your anxiety better than the... (2 replies)
... The bottom line is the prescription they gave me this time really does not work. I know what Lorazepam does to me, and this does not seem to do it. ... (0 replies)
... I have been taking lorazepam for some months. ... (2 replies)

... Last week I was weaned off the Metoprolol and now I don't feel I need the Lorazepam anymore. Since I've only been on Lorazepam for about 11 days is it ok to stop it cold turkey or should I wean myself off this. If so, what is a suggested weaning program? ... (5 replies)
... ts. Nothing that I ever acted on wanted to act on or tried to act on. Obviously I thought it was odd that is why I told him about it. Now that I am taking the Lorazepam again I haven't had those strange fleeting thoughts. Are the two related? ... (3 replies)
... Hey guys, Just wanted to give an update in my progress of tapering off ATIVAN (Lorazepam).... I have been taking it, along with ZOLOFT for close to 2 months..... I started at 2mg a day.....and have been working my way down......I am currently taking .75mg a day now.... The first few day after a cutback I usually feel like crap...out of it, some vision problems, not... (2 replies)
... I was prescribed up to 3mg lorazepam starting August 9, 2010. ... (2 replies)
... Hoping for some quick responses and opinions on this. Taking 1.5mg of Lorazepam daily and switching to the equivalent diazepam dose of 15mg daily. ... (0 replies)
... and a prescription of Lorazepam for 10 days to hold me over incase I feel anxious. ... (0 replies)
... what's lorazepam 0.5? ... (3 replies)
... Thanks so much for responding! No I didn't have any chest tightness at the time-the reason my doctor gave it to me was because I hyperventilated in her office and so from that point on she gave me the prescription for the Lorazepam. For the first two weeks, the only symptom I was experiencing was the feeling of someone squeezing my head in and also my vision just started to... (5 replies)
Lorazepam question
Jun 18, 2007
... Some background info: my problems really started happening since May 5th. I had an important exam that I studied myself to "death" for all semester and so May 5th was the day of the exam and surprisingly I wasn't nervous or anything of that nature(I don't have a history of having panic disorder). On that same evening, I started vomitting and it continued from that point on... (4 replies)
... Hello,i am 24 y/o female who was recently prescribed lorazepam 1mg (only 10 pills) because recently I went to the ER for asthma related issues and the next day I had to go to the doctor because I was still having difficulty breathing and leg shaking, etc. and the doctor said that it was in part to my asthma and also prescribed me lorazepam to calm me down and told me to take... (1 replies)
... Ginny, I take lorazepam for anxiety and lexapro 20 mg. Now i think that lorazepam is very addicting, but i also no it helps me alot. when im having anxiety i take one and usually i only have to take one a day . ... (4 replies)
Lorazepam ??
Mar 14, 2005
... off of it to see how I feel. I think the inner ear problem has resolved. You can't stop this drug cold turkey. Be careful taking this. You can get addicted to lorazepam in a few weeks time. ... (5 replies)
... I take buspar for my anxiety everyday and lorazepam 0.5mg only as needed because lorazepam can be addictive. ... (5 replies)
... Hey, I'm currently taking 20mg/day of Olanzapine for Psychosis, 7.5mg/day of Procyclidine for the sideeffects of Olanzapine and have now been prescribed 1mg/day of Lorazepam, I think as far as I know, for anxiety. I'm only 15, it seems alot of meds to take for my age! Just wondering if anyone has any problems with lorazepam, I understand I only have to take it for a... (5 replies)
... I think ativan (Lorazepam) is pretty nasty stuff. Serax (oxazepam) as a bandaid med might be easier on you. Both should only be used infrequently, else addiction becomes a concern, especially with ativan. For purely anxiety, had you considered Buspirone (available generically, too). I had good results with it. If you developed a good handle on the anxiety, perhaps the... (5 replies)
... Hi Anxietygirl74, Thanks for your response. I think that is why I refuse to take the Lorazepam, because I am sure it will make me feel so much better and I will want to start relying on it. I am hanging in there though and so far so good. Take care, Missy (9 replies)
... Thanks guys for responding. My prescription for Lorazepam is 0.5 mg twice daily. I will go ahead and try it, but I think at first I am going to cut the pill in half. ... (9 replies)

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