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Morning anxiety
Jan 24, 2010
... and an accupuncturist for anxiety, neither of whom are making any difference. I've also been prescribed fluoxetine, from which I have also not felt any benefits. Lorazepam was effective, but my doctor wanted me to stop taking it, and I was switched to diazepam to taper off. ... (5 replies)
... Ashley, I think you know yourselff, it is anxiety.I am old enough to be your Mother, and I have sufferred from anxiety for 40 years. I take Lorazepam and have for 3 years, it is the onlly thing that takes me out of the house. It works fine for me. I don't overdo it, but it helps tremendously. ... (7 replies)
... I prefer Ativan (Lorazepam) myself. Really the only difference between the two drugs is the onset of action and their half life. Xanax is faster acting, but has a very short half life. (2 replies)

... You're welcome. Glad I could help. :) (9 replies)
... I'm not sure of your problems,but I take Lorazepam for my anxiety.It may help you. ... (2 replies)
... I take Klonopin, which is a benzo as well. There is a chance of addiction with it as well, but I take it only as prescribed and as needed. I hope that if your anxiety ever does get really bad again that you take it. Just be very aware of the potential for addiction and take only as needed, and you should be just fine. I think people who are anxious are actually less likely... (9 replies)
... Hi KillPanic, Never did breakdown and take one but believe me there were days when I really needed to. I have found that if I just accept the changes that are happening to my body and realize that they all come from this menopause, I am able finally to get a grip on my symptoms, especially my anxiety, and not let it frighten me so. As soon as I did that, I am much better... (9 replies)
Way to long
Dec 4, 2009
... The first thing I would do is pick up some Prilosec OTC to control the acid reflux. This medication works very well and very quickly, sometimes with the first or second dose. That will at least get one problem under control fast. Then I would except the fact that you will need to take some type of medication for your anxiety, at least for the short term. See a doctor and ask... (2 replies)
... I take Lorazepam for anxiety. ... (3 replies)
... My doc prescribed it for me and my anxiety. I don't like taking drugs and definitely don't like feeling "foggy". My last 30-day prescription lasted me about 8-months. I only take it when I feel like I just have to. My prescription says 2 per day too, but right after that it says "as needed for anxiety", which is a very important part. Fortunately for me, I haven't needed it... (9 replies)
... Hey Missy, just curious if you have an update as do what you ended up doing? (9 replies)
... I have tried citalopram and fluoxetine, to no avail. Also tried hypnotherapy, which does not seem to work either. Lorazepam did work but I stopped using it due to potential for addiction. Have diazepam, but have tapered down dose to very small level. ... (1 replies)
Benzo taper advice
Nov 22, 2009
... I was probably taking lorazepam 1mg a day for 4 months; April - July. It was working fine, but I was worried about the fact that I was taking it every day. I could go a day without it, but I felt terrible. I dropped down to 0.5 mg, which was not too bad, then switched to 5mg diazepam. Instantly felt a difference that the diazepam was less effective for the anxiety and making... (7 replies)
... lavender01, my Mother went through this about a year go. She's had COPD since 2001. She was given liquid morphine and liquid lorazepam (Ativan) and it helped her calm down a lot. Best wishes. Amy (2 replies)
... Hello all; I've been lurking on these boards for the past couple weeks. Most everyone here seems super supportive and kind, so I hope to integrate myself into this community. It's nice to be among you all :) With that said, I'll just jump right into my problem in hopes that 1) a few of you can relate to my symptoms mentioned below and if so, 2) a few of you have been... (1 replies)
... Hi, I'm a 68 year old woman who has had difficulty breathing and talking for the last 5 months. My Dr says it is Anxiety but I have never felt that I am a anxious person. Now however when I try to talk it very often comes out in severe aspirations one or two words at a time and barely more than a whiper. It is frustrating for me and for those trying to listen to me.... (7 replies)
... There aren’t any anti-anxiety meds that are not addictive. It is either going to be a benzodiazepine (Xanax, Lorazepam, Klonopin, etc.) an SSRI antidepressant or Buspar and they are all addictive. Since you are probably being treated for an opiate addiction with suboxone, I'd be very careful with any anti-anxiety meds of the benzo class. (1 replies)
... I wouldn’t be nervous about taking it at all. klonopin belongs to a class of drugs known as a Benzodiazepine, which include the drugs, Xanax, Lorazepam, valium, and many, many others. All benzo medications have a potential for addiction if abused. You were prescribed a very low, safe dose. I have taken all the different benzo family of drugs in much higher doses, on and... (10 replies)
... hypnotic drug, so it works very similar to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines which include Lorazepam and Xanax, which can be taken during the day to relieve anxiety. ... (3 replies)
... she would prescribe you a few Lorazepam or xanax to help with any anxiety during the start up phase of Zoloft. ... (3 replies)

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