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... e rearing their ugly heads due to the situations that seem to be overwhelming in your life right now. An easy way to find out is obtain a prescription for a few Lorazepam or Xanax from your doctor and see if that knocks your symptoms down. If it does, there you have it. ... (2 replies)
... See if your doctor will give you a 6 or 8 week prescription for a benzodiazepine like Lorazepam or Xanax to get you through the start up phase of Zoloft. Antidepressants can be a little rough during the start. ... (1 replies)
... There are of course medications for anxiety that are for short term, occasional use such as Lorazepam, Xanax, etc. There is also Buspar that is specifically for anxiety. It does have to be taken every day though. (7 replies)

... I have recently been diagnosed with GAD and I wonder exactly what this is. Don't you have to have something to be anxious about in order to get it? I live a realtively calm life and don't understand why I am so anxious. Does that mean that something is wrong with my brain or nervous system or what? I just don't understand it at all. I do not want to take the anxiety... (3 replies)
... Its one of my main symptoms too. I feel like I have vertigo and that im spinning...sleep gets me out of this feeling..! And I take Lorazepam when I really need it! ... (18 replies)
... it sounds like you had that Serotonin Syndrome. Which i hear can be quit catastrophic. I doubt the lorazepam would have caused any of the depression. I take it, and never have problems like that. ... (2 replies)
... I have had both. Diazapam works better me me. I'm not sure why. I think they are both great drugs. (2 replies)
... I had very good results with Ativan(Lorazapam).I do not know the other med.I had no problem getting off this pill,In fact, just got a fresh prescription,since I hadn't needed it for a few years.I do take Paxil(Controlled Release only)every day for depression,and haven't needed the Loraz,but have it on hand. Loraz. is given IV-wise at our local Hospital Crisis Center for... (2 replies)
... That's a tricky question to answer. It could be withdrawal, or your anxiety, or both. If you want to get off Ativan, the best way to do it is very slowly. Dont' stop taking it cold turkey. For Example, when I weened off Ativan, I went from 1 mg a day (1 mg pill) to .75 (.5mg pills cut into .25mg halves), to .5 mg to .25 mg over the course of months. I also did it under... (1 replies)
... What's the best way to support someone suffering from anxiety? My hubby has had issues with this is as long as I've known him, and I feel so utterly helpless. He has taken Lorazepam/Ativan the last month or so, and then has had some withdrawl effects this month that have made his anxiety even worse. I don't agree with throwing drugs at the problem, and yet I just don't... (3 replies)
Jun 9, 2009
... I've been taking citalopram for around 8 weeks now, and I am not noticing any benefit. I've also got Lorazepam, which IS very effective, but not for everyday use and my doctor does not want to prescribe it any longer. One suggestion is to try a different SSRI, and two have been mentioned: escitalopram and paroxetine. I suspect I get to choose which one, although I have nothing... (0 replies)
... Clonazepam will last longer than the Ativan.( has a longer half life) Ativan will work a bit faster though. I have used both of these and I find that clonazepam seems to work better for me. But everyone reacts differntly to the meds. (2 replies)
... which is better? (2 replies)
... What forms of medication have people been prescribed for anxiety, other than benzodiazepines? I know that benzos are extremely effective, particularly lorazepam, but they are also highly addictive, and you build up a tolerance to them very quickly. Are there any effective alternatives out there? (6 replies)
... Thanks for replying and asking fhare. My stress test was fine. Dr said nothing is wrong with my heart. Only problem I had was that before the stress test my blood pressure shot up higher then I've ever seen it. I'm usually 110/70 and it went up to 180/96. I was having a panic attack at the moment and then started shivering. Once I got on the treadmill the shivering stopped and... (3 replies)
... Thank you for your reply, cgranulomatis, I appreciate it. Two arthritis doctors are aware of this and they both said it's not arthritis -- don't know what it is. I was referred to a liver specialist a few weeks ago and she also said she doesn't know what it is, and promptly changed the subject. She concentrated on my liver and I am now awaiting results of extensive... (10 replies)
... I posted here last week because I had a meltdown in the Dr's ofc. I went today for a follow up since I did start taking Lexapro and Lorazepam which has helped. The only thing is my chest keeps hurting so she had an EKG done which I've had many. ... (3 replies)
Lexapro 5 mgs
Apr 19, 2009
... I know I got up to 10mgs I didn't want to get those side effects again. I am feeling a little anxiety with the 5mgs and its only been 3 days but I'm also taking Lorazepam with it to help. Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. How long did it take to get some effects for you on 5mgs? ... (9 replies)
Worst panic ever
Apr 11, 2009
... do you have lorazepam or valium or anything similar? ... (4 replies)
... I feel pretty stable in my life right now, and am confident that I can get off of it. I do have lorazepam incase the need arises! ... (5 replies)

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