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... If I take lorazepam (ativan) or bromazepam (lexotan) for about once or twice a month when I need it, is that addictive/dependency? Does anyone take it that way?:confused: (4 replies)
... Buspar is a good med for anxiey. It is taken like an antidepressant. You won't get the sedating effects of a benzo. It does take time to work. In my case I could tell in 4 days but it took 2-3 weeks to kick in completely. God bless (6 replies)
... Benzo's are a depressant and make depression worse if taken on a regular basis. They are for anxiety. God bless:angel: (6 replies)

... I am told that Klonapin is better . It does stay in your system longer and it does not make you as groggy and sluggish. However, everyones system is different. This drug is a godsend to me b/c I used to shake uncontrolably...and now I am on it and I don't get the shakes as much or people are not as used to it. (6 replies)
... I like Klonopin better. But everyone is different. Klonopin stays in your system longer. I'm not sure if it helps with depression. (6 replies)
... Which works better for anxiety? Does either help a little with depression? Thanks (6 replies)
... Hi everyone! I have question I hope some of you can help me with. What dose of Lexapro do all of you take (or have you taken in the past)? I started at 10 mg about two years ago. About a year later, my doctor increased my dosage to 20 mg. And then Saturday, my psychiatrist told me he wants me to try 30 mg because I was complaining about increased anxiety recently, for no... (2 replies)
Mar 8, 2007
... I take lorazepam if i feel really anxious but that isn't that often any more. ... (13 replies)
There is hope!
Feb 28, 2007
... I have been suffery really bad anxiety since I reached my peri menopause, my Doctor gave me 14 Lorazepam and that was my lot I had to get on with it. ... (0 replies)
... is that the same type of med as klonopin? Do you mean to add them to the klonopin? (7 replies)
... Have you tried Ativan or Lorazepam? That is what I use, and it is effective. (7 replies)
... I take Lorazepam every day, and whenever I am tempted to have a drink while out to eat at a restaurant, I usually regret it. ... (4 replies)
Xanax or ativan
Feb 5, 2007
... Although of the same class of drug, they are uniquely different in how they could make you feel. You would have to try both to know which one works better for you. I tried 1/2 of a Xanax pill once...just once...because it literally sent me into the hyperactive stratosphere. Im currently using Lorazepam (Ativan), and I haven't had the nervous/hyper reaction. Although I... (28 replies)
... your safe and your at home. drink lots of water or tea. concentrate on relaxing your mind and body. get some ativan which is lorazepam to help with the panic. ... (99 replies)
... Yes, I was in a fog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for almost 2 years. It never eased up; I never had "good" days. It was hell for 2 years. You cannot give up on the tablets. You cannot have taken very many different meds if this has been going on for 14 months. In order to truly judge whether a medication will work or not, you must give it at least 2 months and preferably... (99 replies)
... Ive never tried it. Ive taken valium, kolonopin, xanax and lorazepam. Right now im takin kolonopin and I havent noticed any side effects at all. Actually all the ones that I listed I didnt notice any side affects. (8 replies)
... When my doctor switched me to klonopin, He had me take .125 mg at 6am and at 6pm, and told me to take a .25mg tablet of lorazapem at noon,and then cut the tablets into quarters for another week I guess till the klonopin started taking affect, , I thought it was to also sort of wean me off of the lorazepam. I felt calm at first, but for some reason the klonopin, months later... (15 replies)
... I Have used this med for the last 6 weeks for GAD and am currently on 150mg BID. It has helped. I have reduced my lorazepam from 3-6 mg per day to less than two. I do notice that my short term memory is slightly affected and I have a constant twitch in the muscles in my right lower eye area that is mild and not causing me any concern. Does anyone else have experience... (0 replies)
... It may be anxiety. You are at the right age, unfortunately. I was 25 when it started for me. I was doing everything the same as always and just had a panic attack. I thought that the doc was a quack when he told me that and gave me the ativan. I had never had any problems like that before. But they continued after that and I was given xanax from my primary care doc. It didn't... (1 replies)
... i think it's important to note that there is a distinct difference between xanax and ssri's so your comment comparing the 2 might be a little confusing... xanax is a benzo, which are used to treat the immediate symptoms of an anxiety / panic attack... ssri's are not intended to be used to treat a specific instance of an anxiety / panic attack, but are supposed to help... (5 replies)

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