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... Also, always talk to your doctor first, but lorazepam and most benzos have very high "safe levels". Some people are INITIALLY prescribed 4mg lorazepam for insomnia and that's not even anywhere close to enough to hurt a healthy person. ... (6 replies)
... :) I understand what you are may be right. But, as an honor student in college, I research everything that is of importance to me. I'm going in to the doctorís office with an agenda on paper (that he will be going over with me). As the paying customer, I'm going to run the show :D ...but at the same time, not coming across as if I am questioning his knowledge and... (11 replies)
... I've taken Lorazepam as needed during this time frame as well. However, I had already been doing this since before I started taking Buspar. ... (2 replies)

Help please
Jan 11, 2017
... How was the lorazepam prescribed? ... (1 replies)
... It's a good benzo, but for anxiety, it wasn't even NEARLY as effective as lorazepam for me. For me, 1mg of lorazepam is much much more calming than 5 or even 10mg of diazepam, but makes me less drowsy. ... (7 replies)
... Here is a letter I wrote my mom today who also suffers from severe dizziness and vertigo. Any input would be appreciated... Hi Mom I just wanted to touch base with you again and thank you for the information regarding your dizzy spells and also tell you that I have begun taking Singulair which has really worked well for my pollen/pet allergies. On another note and... (1 replies)
... There is an interaction between Atarax and alcohol, which shouldn't be a surprise considering that's when you have your problems. Alcohol can increase the effects (both intentional and side effects) of Atarax. It can cause in depression of your central nervous system, which may cause impairment of judgment, thinking, and motor skills. It's recommended not to drink or limit... (2 replies)
... I tend to sleep pretty good and wake up feeling normal. Also, if take a Lorazepam in the mornings, DO NOT drink all day but take an Atarx in the evenings, I wake up feeling a bit "drugged" but still feel pretty normal. ... (2 replies)
... or safer if .5 of Ativan would work well rather than having to take like 2mg of Lorazepam for me to feel something? ... (4 replies)
... Well, my morning went ok but I could feel that anxious, foggy headed, blurry eyed, freakish feeling coming on so I took a 1mg Lorazepam as usual and went on to get lots done today. I mean LOTS!. ... (4 replies)
Lorazapam & Buspar
Apr 11, 2005
... lorazepam is a valium type med, anxiety sufferers rarely become truly addicted to these meds, despite what some say buspar is a tranquilliser of a different type that has been advertised as the non addictive alternative to valium type meds but this claim is stupid, IMO as buspar seldom helps much and is useless for panic attacks, also buspar needs to be taken every day... (7 replies)
Help please
Jan 10, 2017
... ays I been having 2 attacks per day, so I went to the doctor today and they prescribe me with Paroxetine 20mg they told me to take it in the morning and take the lorazepam at night just want to know if it's safe to take the lorazepam more then once a day cause I'm still feeling anxiety and I can't wait until bedtime to take it. ... (1 replies)
... he also suggested I take lorazepam in the morning and at night to feel calmer. ... (2 replies)
... It feels like I never get a proper night's sleep, and the only thing that seems to help is taking a lorazepam when I wake up around 4 am. Is the citalopram likely to be any help with this if I stick with it, because it seems to be making things worse rather than better? ... (6 replies)
... e energy,I am sleeping all nite, eventually I will cut the klonopin in quarters, till I can come off of it, I thought klonopin was going to work great, I was on lorazepam for 8 years for anxiety and panic attacks, was taking . ... (15 replies)
New meds (again)
Oct 3, 2006
... generally able to deal with day to day life a lot better. and this is just after 3 days on them. only thing is im worried that the doc's going to withdraw the lorazepam after a month and i'd really like to keep taking it at least for a few months. anyone on here been on lorazepam for an extended period of time? ... (3 replies)
Jul 4, 2006
... I'm really surprised that much lorazepam didn't work for you. 2mg of lorazepam three times daily is like, mind boggling. After 2mg of lorazepam, I wouldn't care if my house was on fire. ... (6 replies)
... That's interesting....tonight I had to take a .5 dose of Lorazepam to knock down some of my Topamax anxiety effects. For the first time, I started to get sensitve to motion too...I felt a bit dizzy on the lorazepam tonight. ... (5 replies)
... I have been taking lorazepam for about five years now at a low dosage to control anxiety and panic. ... (3 replies)
Losing my mind
Aug 27, 2014
... I was diagnosed with globus sensation about 6 months ago and I have been on lorazepam .5 mg for 2 months. I just started anti depressants about a week ago, Fluoxetine 10mg a day, and I am on pantoprazole 40mg. ... (0 replies)

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