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... Bratforlife, I think me and you have a LOT in common. ... (3 replies)
... The first attack I ever had came out of nowhere and from what others on this board have said their attacks seemed to come out of nowhere also. ... (1 replies)
Panic attack
May 5, 2006
... lots of info about panic attacks on the net, are they sure it wasnt asthma or low blood sugar? ... (10 replies)

... symptoms for a while now. I have to make sure that I have something to eat at least every two hours or so. I have heard Hypoglycemia can mimic Anxiety Disorder, and that's why I'am going to the my Doctor later on this week, to get a blood test for it. It has been driving me crazy! ... (3 replies)
Panic attack
May 5, 2006
... Think of times we all went to the bathroom for a bowel movement and out came flatulence. It honestly felt like feces had to come out but it resulted in just a fart. ... (10 replies)
Panic attacks
May 22, 2005
... check his blood sugar levels while he's having an attack. Low blood sugar can cause a lot of the same exact symptoms of anxiety attacks. ... (8 replies)
... This is a good topic because so many of us can relate and get it off of our chests. I've always had generalized anxiety, and in my early teens, I developed a fear of vomiting, or emetophobia. ... (127 replies)
Anxiety and crying
Nov 17, 2005
... I used to always say that I had my first panic attack at age 16, but when I look back on it I know that I had them from a very young age. ... (11 replies)
... My sister has had seizures and fainting episodes. They could not find anything wrong with her neurologically, physically or with her blood sugar. They had her on a heart monitor for awhile. They diagnosed her with vasovagosyncope. Something to do with the vegas nerve in her body... ... (6 replies)
Major attack
Jul 23, 2005
... The same thing just happened to me about an hour ago... I woke late and only ate yogurt then went about my day and it was a little past time to eat again and I started to kind of feeling a little anxiety, no big deal. So, I ate hoping that would help in case it was low blood sugar or something. ... (9 replies)
... i believe low blood pressure can cause anxiety. Ive suffered with low BP for years, but when i dont eat for a while and my blood sugar drops so does my BP and i can have a panic attack. ... (2 replies)
Please help
Jan 25, 2012
... ne out there can relate to, for this is my last resort. I used to smoke cigarettes while out partying, all of these things I have quit. All my doctors know this and have tried to convince me that has nothing to do with what i am about to share. ... (5 replies)
... Hi sounds like depersonalisation/ derealisation with panic attacks learn to relax as both problems are caused by stress and anxiety when it happens relax, accept, dont tense up or fight back, and do breathe deep and slow valium type meds and perhaps an antidepressant such as prozac will also help you wont pass out, it just feels like you will at the time, if you... (2 replies)
... I used to always say that I had my first panic attack at age 16, but when I look back on it I know that I had them from a very young age. ... (16 replies)
May 25, 2006
... they probably are panic attacks but get doc to check for low blood sugar, siezures, heart trouble, etc any valium type tablet disolved under the tongue will stop or reduce a panic attack and although unpleasant, panic attacks cant hurt you so dont stay home panic attacks trigger the fight or flight response, read up about this on the net (13 replies)
... Remember, although it may not seem like it, in whatever stage of panic you are in, there is always a light at the end of that scary tunnel. ... (0 replies)
... The anxiety commericals you see on tv are for SSRI medications such as Paxil and Zoloft. ... (8 replies)
... Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone has this happen to them. I was cooking in the kitchen the other day and suddenly I went deaf in one ear and then the other. Of course this started a panic attack I have had considerable stress at work lately. ... (4 replies)
... Philosophy... I agree that anxiety and panic attack sufferers have heightened senses. I for one can diagnose myself when I am sick. ... (14 replies)
... For me, I have found a lot of the time I get anxiety really bad is when I haven't eaten in a while. Low blood sugar. I am not diabetic, but I get shaky and nervous when I don't eat, which leads to a full blown panic attack. Think about when you get anxiety bad, see if this fits you. ... (0 replies)

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