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... dont know if that is high or low dose? ... (7 replies)
... I took a small dose of klonopin yesterday and hated it...I have taken .5 ativan in the past, I guess I will try that.. ... (0 replies)
... Hi,I have Bipolar2 & I take Effexor,Ativan(prn) My meds are a life saver for me. Although I have tried to stop taking the Effexor three times(pdoc knew)by weaning off of it,and had to go back on it. Eveybody is different,but my meds have really helped me in my situation. I guess in my case,I will need meds for the rest of my life-be dependent on them.... Good luck (12 replies)

... Been there, done that. Ativan can be nasty. SSRi's like Effexor can eventually cause simular problems. ... (12 replies)
... Thank you all for your replies. Sounds like some of you say it's ok and some not to mix the Ativan with a low dose Xanax. ... (9 replies)
Xanax Rant!
Nov 28, 2005
... but treat Ativan or Valium like it is heroin! ... (8 replies)
... I am taking Ativan .5mg twice daily. ... (6 replies)
... k the doctors found absolutely nothing wrong with my heart. The doctor then told me that I had an anxiety disorder. He then prescribed me 24 tablests of 1 MGs of Ativan to take as needed. I never took the meds daily, but only when I had an acute panic attack. ... (4 replies)
Ativan For Sleep?
Jan 11, 2006
... Sorry to hear about your problems with benzo withdrawal. I had a big problem with getting off benzos too (actually twice in my life). I wasnt listening to my doctors orders though on both occasions (I'm not saying you didnt). I know the withdrawal hell someone can go through with benzos. I'm not saying Jedd didn't experience withdrawal symtoms. I said it might be more of his... (20 replies)
Ativan For Sleep?
Jan 11, 2006
... l cause dependency. it even warns about this in any info. they are supposed to be used for a short time or on an an "as needed basis" only. don't get me wrong, ativan worked wonders for my panic attacks and anxiety. ... (20 replies)
... ive been prescribed ativan and buspar for some pretty severe anxiety. i had very bad sexual side effects from paxil before and lost all sexual ability for almost ten years. ... (1 replies)
... try to take what my doc recommends, but sometimes I have to monitor it a little myself. I'm really sensitive to most drugs, so usually I start off at a smaller dose than they prescribe, and "up" the dose myself. ... (4 replies)
... it for about a year and now I am 50 pounds overweight. So then we moved and I told new shrink I wanted off the Paxil........that is where I am now. on the really low dose and Ativan. Like I said, the Ativan levels me out whereas the klonopin did a real number on my head. ... (4 replies)
... safe to take a Xanax "with" my Ativan on those hairy days that I need something extra? ... (9 replies)
... Yes I had a problem getting off of ativan too. ... (5 replies)
... I need to know if any of you have switched from ativan to klonopin and if so, did you feel better? ... (2 replies)
... Well thats neat to know. I'm also on tegritol though for the absent seizures as well. I wonder whether I could increase the dose of tegretol as I lower the dose of ativan. I'm on a low dose of tegritol for some reason. ... (4 replies)
Klonopin or Ativan
Apr 13, 2009
... I've been suffering with anxiety for many years and been taking paxil for it, I'm on a low dose so its not helping much with my anxiety. I don't want to take more due to weight gain. ... (3 replies)
... Well its different with different people I used to take Ativan and it did make me tired some but not bad enough that I couldnt take care of things.I was taking a low dose of 0.5mg .I used to take Klonopin few years back which to me worked better then Ativan but I was even more tired with that. ... (8 replies)
... thanks too for your input. Im not sure I agree about Ativan being as addictive as Xanax. ... (9 replies)

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