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... t know if it is from the magnesium, sleeping wrong, the start of the flu, anxiety or something else. ... (13 replies)
... I have been trying to get my hypothyroidism under control since early this year. The past 6 weeks the anxiety has become constant. ... (2 replies)
... calcium supplement so the gal there recommended a gel cap, contains 1000 mg. calcium, 300 IU of Vit.D, 500 mg. magnesium oxide and 15 mg. zinc. Am hoping I see some difference in my anxiety levels and just feel says to take 3 a day but not sure if I need that much. ... (6 replies)

... For someone who suffers from slight social anxiety.. when the best time to take calcium and magnesium supplements? ... (1 replies)
... I am taking calcium also, I have to take caltrate calcium because it's easier to digest for me.. The one's that are a magnesium, calcium combo I can't digest the calcium, so I just added my regualr calcium to it.. So far I have to say my headaches haven't been to terriable.. So we will see!! ... (21 replies)
... mg, even though more than that is still ok. Most farming soils are depleted of magnesium and who knows what else, so supplementation is a good idea. Magnesium can not only help with heart issues, but in some cases, a deficiency in magnesium actually IS the reason for the heart issue occurring in the first place. ... (13 replies)
... I just started taking magnesium 500mg 2 weeks ago for headaches which has been helping with that alot. ... (13 replies)
... I have also researched magnesium and the great effect it has on calming anxiety. I alo read though that it is better to try and get your magnesium from foods as it absorbs better. ... (2 replies)
... guessing thats normal for me...but IM NOT SCARED...and this pill working is not in my mind...cause i took the 1 a days once and nothing...i took the straight up MAGNESIUM pill and WALA im now im a healthy 150lb white male again..and i owe it all to that "idiot" lady that posted on here...if your reading this... ... (10 replies)
... cvoor, The more I read about magnesium the more I'm convinced people need it, even if they don't have anxiety. ... (6 replies)
... coffee, cokes or sodas with caffeine, etc. Don't take diet pills! And be weary of cold meds as they can trigger anxiety because they cause increased heart rate and such. Getting enough good nutritious food is important. Follow the food pyramid and limit salt. ... (7 replies)
... theanine, high Vit.Bcomplex, Magnesium, Calcium and others" to NO AVIAL. ... (5 replies)
... I have taken a mag/calcium supplemnt, and it has helped me, and made me very calm. I'm very sensitive and it says to take 3 a day, I only take 1, because it makes me very tired with more than that. It's a small dosage, I think 150 mg mag/calcium 200mg or so. (13 replies)
... rt success using it on their pets during thunderstorms, etc. I use it as an adjunct therapy. I don't think it is strong enough to be used alone by someone with anxiety disorder, JMHO, but I do think it is worthwhile. Some of these compounds work for some people, some do nothing, some end up having a little effect. St. ... (12 replies)
... I've seen that ST Johns wart in the drugstores, does it also help anxiety as well. I'm just hesitant about it interacting with other meds. ... (15 replies)
... zinc, and also Atenolol every day, with Xanax as needed. My anxiety level has been pretty low lately. We'll see how I do with two vacations and a medical procedure scheduled for August! That'll turn up the pressure. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Laura: Wow...I can sense your pain. I don't know much about vitamins other than a good multivitamin for women and maybe supplementing with a B-complex, and a magnesium/calcium/zinc combo. I also take fiber supplements and I feel they help with not only my digestive system, but I really think they help keep my weight down (but I do try not to eat too much). I'm 46... (8 replies)
... Hi Curious, I go back to the neuro next week (12th). The last couple of days my inner vibrations have been very noticeable...don't know why some days they're worse. By the way, have you considered fibromyalgia as the cause for your tinglings/twitches. My neuro is the one that suggested that I might have that. Check out the message board for will find people with... (12 replies)
Disabling Anxiety
Apr 22, 2012
... depression. Also, try magnesium glycinate. Magnesium can help a lot with your situation. There are many kinds of magnesium, but I recommend the above or magnesium taurate. ... (2 replies)
... tilly, Many have what is known as "anticipatory anxiety and panic". ... (10 replies)

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