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... I can not believe this!!! If any one else knew about this and did NOT share, I am going to be SOOOOO upset..."I know you wouldn't hold out :nono: " Want2feelgood, See my post today under "Concerned about your heart..." and you will see that I didn't hold back. I originally posted it on May 05. Glad to see you're also having good results. I think it is well worth... (11 replies)
... Aschatan: Actually it is in a pack that I got from Vitamin World. I got the "Daily Vitamin Packs" for Woman by Natural Wealth. In the pack it has Magnesium 350 mg along with other supplements, the entire pack includes Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C with Rose Hips, Multi- Mineral, Calcium & Magnesium. It just says to take one packet daily with a meal, I went this way because I was... (11 replies)
... I also take Magnesium at night. ... (11 replies)

Sugar, anxiety?
May 21, 2006
... basically anything thats rich in B vitamins and magnesium. base your diet around complex low GI carbs with moderate amounts of lean protein (white meat and fish are best, eg. turkey has twice as much L-typtophan/ 100grams, which is the precursor to serotonin, than beef) and lots of essential fats (nuts, seeds, avacados, cold poressed veg oils, oily fish). this will help... (4 replies)
... While not a book on anxiety per se, I just finished reading "The Miracle of Magnesium" which also touches on anxiety as possibly being related to a Magnesium deficiency. It's definitely a good book to read, and I recommend this one. ... (4 replies)
... Gelatin and magnesium stearate. ... (4 replies)
Herbal Remedies
Oct 18, 2005
... Hello all. Question. I'm taking a multi-vitamin currently. I take one 3 times daily. Along with other vitamins it has 500mg of calcium and 250mg of magnesium. The question: Can i add a combo supplement of cal/mag to help relieve the jittersand edgeyness? If so how much more? I just don't want to overdue it on the two. Should i get something that has both? just magnesium? Look... (0 replies)
... I think magnesium rich foods help too. I read somewhere over the weekend that most Americans are somewhat deficient in magnesium and it can lead to depression and anxiety. I've been eating lots of bananas! ... (5 replies)
... mgs. of magnesium citrate in the A.M. another 400 mgs in the P.M. ... (13 replies)
... ile before they cut back it's been a year and a half. Not only are the beta blockers good for migraines but the HB and Anxiety. I take Inderal LA 80 mg at night. Magnesium every day too. ... (5 replies)
... Have you looked into magnesium supplements? ... (19 replies)
... Yep, I would not just assume anxiety.....that's a pretty easy catch-all diagnosis these days. I would get tests for sure! Now, this is just a wild guess but I wonder if you are actually taking too many vitamins? My daughter took a nutrition class and was shocked that when her diet was evaluated(she isn't THAT great of an eater) on the vitamin computer program that she... (13 replies)
... C, E, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Multi, Grapeseed, Ginkyo, and Borage Oil occationally. I want to add Magnesium but am trying to figure out the best type for the body, and whether I should simply add a good Calcium and Magnesium suppliment. ... (13 replies)
... of them had low doses of magnesium in their bodies...i started taking them...but i dont know if it worked or not considering my symptoms are back... ... (41 replies)
Hope is shattered
Feb 12, 2005
... Have you ever give a try to MAGNESIUM ? ... (26 replies)
... her about taking magnesium as well. I know of other anxiety folks who have benefited from magnesium because it's a natural muscle relaxant. I've been taking it for a year, and it's helped me lots! ... (4 replies)
... Hi I was taking reg magnesium suppliment...but yes It gave me diarea..but so does the anxiety.Magnesium a better form..and easier for the body to absorb. ... (8 replies)
... Good Morning Newlywedgurl, Sorry I couldn't get back to you yesterday. I learned about all these Vitamins from these message boards thru the Menopause Site as well at the Alternative site. I also beleive even though you are much younger then me, and you are not experiencing any perimeno but the fact that these Vitamins have helped me with the weight gain and the... (55 replies)
... I know this may sound silly but how much epsom salt do you add to the water? The box doesn't say! Thanks! :bouncing: (4 replies)
... few weeks ago I had the pleasure of receiving a massage, the lady told me how tense I was and suggested I use Epsom Salts in a hot bath. Epsom salts are made of Magnesium Sulphate, and is a relaxant for muscles. One time when I went to hospital for panic they gave me an IVF drip with Magnesium in it. ... (4 replies)

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