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... the roof. I have studied the effects of vitamins and have realized that you MUST correct the deficiencies very slowly. Also, vitamin D has to be balanced with Magnesium or the feeling of agitation will be even worse from what I've been told... ... (1 replies)
... I always recommend going with the lowest 'efficient' dose or combination. Taurine acts on Gaba which is your body's chief calming neurotransmitter. It has other health benefits including one's muscles, namely the heart and other cardiovascular components. I form of magnesium I have switched to (although pricey) is Magnesium L-Threonate which can be used moreso during the day... (16 replies)
... It sounds as if you could still be in withdrawal since its only been six months since you gave up alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes. In addition, I've read that calcium carbonate can make anxiety, etc. worse, so you may want to check what type of calcium is in your vitamin supplements. In addition, many people have an imbalance of calcium/magnesium, too much calcium and not... (10 replies)

... Panic most of my life and now the past 2 months with intense anxiety. I am seeing this magnesium suggestion more and more. Sadly i am already 3 days in on Cipralex treatment which i decided to halt and try magnesium chelate instead. ... (16 replies)
... mineral deficiencies, especially magnesium and Vit D. Tense muscles is one of the main symptoms of magnesium deficiency. If you check out ok, at least you'll find out that your diet is ok. ... (2 replies)
Can anyone help?
May 2, 2012
... I recommend taking magnesium supplements, magnesium glycinate and taurine +B6. (5 replies)
... crazy. I move, I get palpitations, I cough and I also get them really bad. My dr. said that my heart if fine even though I don't feel that way. I started taking magnesium supplements a few days ago and I think they are helping me a little bit. ... (43 replies)
... and my heart would start to beat fast and i felt really jitterey . It is an awful feeling. I have mitral valve prolaspe and thought it was that . Started taking magnesium and it has made a world of difference for me . Magnesium calms and relaxes you . How old are you ? ... (6 replies)
... ying I was having anxiety attacks. I was not anxious or stressed so that wasn't it. I kept researching the web and finally had someone suggest supplementing my Magnesium intake. I thought it was odd, but I was desperate for a cure. This WORKED. ... (6 replies)
... I completely agree that there is a connection! In fact, right now I'm waiting for it to start so I can feel some relief from this anxiety. I tried taking magnesium 500 mg a day a few years ago and it did seem to help a lot with my anxiety that came on 2 weeks before my period started. ... (3 replies)
I give up
Oct 15, 2009
... Also, some important info related to anxiety. Magnesium deficiency is HUGE in people with anxiety. It is incredibly important. I went to a seminar where a doctor talked about this. ... (15 replies)
... to feel like my feet were vibrating. I can only describe it as a cell phone on vibrate on my feet, or a cat purring on them. I called my mom, and she said maybe magnesium def. or RLS. ... (4 replies)
... Hi, It is hard to give specific answers, but the one thing my husband does for me when I am having a hard time with panic attacks or generalized anxiety is stay calm! Most people would call him cold & uncaring towards me, but when I have anxiety the last thing I need is too much emotion. He talks to me with specific reality statements, like "Yes, I was feeling out-of-control... (3 replies)
... hem less now than I did when I was 27. Probably because I still had the odd ciggie back then and I don't have any now. Also I take a very good multivitamin and magnesium and if you're worried about your heart or you're anxious, magnesium is a good thing to take. ... (10 replies)
... daisy somthing that has helped me with the muscle twitching is magnesium supplements. I had a baby 8 months ago and was found to be deficient in iron, b12 and magnesium. Cant hurt to give it a try... ... (11 replies)
... Two things I would look at would be supplementing extra magnesium and iron. ... (8 replies)
... Ok first off Gaba is one of the most abundant neurotransmitters in the Brain responsible for many important bodily functions, one being relaxing and calming effect it has been said that people with mood disorders lack GABA , The problem is that you cannot just take a normal gaba supplement because it does not cross the Blood Brain Barrier and will not work as we intend. You... (4 replies)
... I have gone into great research about this and apart from the usual healthy eating add 3 brazil nuts daily to your diet - keep them in the fridge to stay fresh - they are rich in magnesium which apparently we are all deficient from because the soil in which our food has grown is now depleted of magnesium, also try to eat a large baked potato,skin too, at least 4 times a week... (2 replies)
Aug 23, 2007
... Hi, you should be getting the proper amount of magnesium in your diet according to what your saying and a simple common blood test ordered by your doctor can tell,if you visited the ER and they did bloodwork I'm sure they checked it and you can request a copy from them at the records dept,a common blood test measures, sodium,... (15 replies)
... You might want to try magnesium. Some feel that a lack of it is the actual reason for heart problems such as fluttering, rapid heart rate, irregular beats, etc... Around 400 mg. a day seems to be the usual recommendation. Make sure to take about the same amount of calcium, which helps the body assimilate the magnesium. (6 replies)

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