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Dec 28, 2009
... I am sorry to hear about this! Have you had any tests done by doctors (physicial tests- like blood work, scans, etc) for the pain you feel? Perhaps this can help rule out certain possibilities so we can help you narrow it down to what it could be. The derealization can definitely be anxiety-related. I get this way quite often. I feel like many days are a dream and like my... (11 replies)
Jul 5, 2006
... nikigrl, are you on any medication for anxiety? ... (8 replies)
... I had all of things you are describing. I think the depersonalization was the worst for me too. I felt as if I was on the outside looking in at myself. ... (15 replies)

... The first time I ever experienced derealization was at a late night diner with friends. I was 17 years old. ... (8 replies)
... depersonalisation disorder and it seems that people with that have it for years if not half of the lifetime. It made me very anxious and scared that it may stay like this forever. ... (3 replies)
... Hope this helps, like I said, after suffering all of these symptoms from anxiety, GAD and SEVERE Panic Attacks, I have finally been put on a good combination of medication for me. The Seroquel really helps with that derealization feeling, and the Lexapro has taken care of the others very nicely! ... (20 replies)
... My opinion on medication is more isn't always better then less. ... (50 replies)
... Maybe we just hold our anxiety differently than others. What I mean is others have mentioned that derealization does not exsist with out anxiety. Although we do not have the attacks anymore maybe this is just our bodies fighting the anxiety. ... (50 replies)
... laire Weekes' books such as Peace from Nervous Suffering and Hope and Help from Your Nerves. These books are SO good, and she talks about many anxiety symptoms, derealization included. I've known people in person and online who have bad problems with derealization and found Claire Weekes' books VERY helpful. ... (2 replies)
... Hey... Ive been experiencing these derealization symptoms lately too. Reading your stories have made me feel heaps better to know Im not alone. ... (15 replies)
Apr 20, 2010
... on has been coming back some. It's definitely frustrating, but there are some things going on in life with family that are making me pretty sad, so I expect this for a bit of time. ... (7 replies)
... but this derealization thing is making me really miserable. I have real problem relaxing and not thinking about it and the minute I do, it stands over me like a guardian. ... (29 replies)
... Just read some posts. They had said that it went away for them after medication set in. ... (20 replies)
... Hi Rach, I no EXACTLY what you are talking about. I have suffered with anxiety for 6 years now and have read extensive literature regarding this subject. ... (3 replies)
Dec 28, 2010
... I have suffered from both derealization and depersonalization for years, usually they go hand in hand. ... (2 replies)
Apr 26, 2010
... I really want to look into tweaking my medication soon. I hope this will help! Prozac has helped me a lot, but perhaps it's still not the perfect match for me. I'm really interested in Wellbutrin since it boosts energy levels, but I've heard that some people have increased anxiety with it. ... (7 replies)
... I'm surprised you're taking an SSRI for "slight depression". What exactly is derealization? ... (6 replies)
... I so feel for you! I have dealt with the same thing for about 5 years now, starting after a panic attack that came out of the blue. ... (6 replies)
Jul 3, 2004
... Right now I am searching for a way to get rid of this without any medications. For me, about two years ago I was sick every single day. It happened right after I finished college. I was weak, tired and had this weird dizziness. ... (8 replies)
... And it is true that the panic and anxiety may come back for 'some' people, but it doesn't happen to everyone, it didn't happen to me and it hasn't happend to others that post on this board. ... (20 replies)

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