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... I've started to ween myself off of the Zoloft not just in hopes that the acne will clear up, but also that my sudden onset of extreme mood swings will go away. I'm not talking hormonal mood swings, I am talking sitting in the shower crying for no apparent reason and feeling as if the walls are closing in. ... (0 replies)
... I am affected badly by mood swings. I seem to gain confidence through the day when I am at work. ... (3 replies)
... I think I may be able to relate to the anxiety and mood swings you feel. For me the anxiety is very bad in the morning when I am lying awake in bed just shaking and scared about engaging the world. ... (3 replies)

... nce with it,although it can be different for different people.I am sure it has helped alot of people,but for me it had me tired all the time.I also YES had those mood swings a whole lot like the last poster i felt it was making me just plain mean and evil.When the cost outweigh the benifits to me it is time to change. ... (8 replies)
... What kind of mood swings? ... (8 replies)
... Hi, anyone else out there taking Paxil getting the mood swings? ... (8 replies)
... Even though I feel that I suffer from social anxiety disorder my mood seems better when I am around and in contact with other people. ... (3 replies)
... for mood swings, it seems to have helped some with the mood swings but my anxiety seems worse, but I really realized how "flat" my personality was being on Zoloft. ... (4 replies)
... I also have major mood swings... ... (4 replies)
... Sorry so long. My story is, back in November I was prescribed Effexor Xr 37.5mg for my mood swings. I would cry over absolutely nothing and would get so angry. I took one pill on Nov. ... (0 replies)
... and would overreact to almost anything that was said to me, mood swings, etc. ... (1 replies)
... Other things that can explain unexplained mood swings is hormonal imbalances. Speak to the doctor and tell them of your symptoms and maybe get bloodwork done. You said you don't think your gyno can help. ... (7 replies)
... I ask this because I've been diagonsed with GAD a few years ago, yet I get quite intense mood swings on a daily basis. I honestly don't think I have Bipolar disorder, but the mood swings can get very intense..almost to the point they change hourly. ... (4 replies)
... time I have had a change in my periods and I have always been extremely regular even through very stressfull times. I am 37 and other than the anxiety symptoms, mood swings and altered periods I don't have any hot flashes etc. My period was always regular to the day and very heavy and painful. ... (3 replies)
... i feel like every1 is staring at me all the time. but its weird. with my depression for the first 2 yrs or so it was just depression, but now i have mood swings every few days or even more often throughout the day they change. ... (1 replies)
... Question.. do you have frequent mood swings or seeing any psychologist or psychiatrist? ... (5 replies)
Jul 29, 2005
... My mood swings terribly lately. Yesterday I was such a witch with a capital B. I apologized to my kids for it. ... (15 replies)
... living in a dream, depersonalized, uninterested, eye floaters, severe mood swings, panic attacks, feeling of failure and worthlessness.. i have all of that!! and this all happened a few weeks after a weekend with alcohol and EPHEDRA. ... (11 replies)
... ng and other side effects, I felt absolutely horrible the first couple of weeks I was on Zoloft, but in the past few days I have started feeling much better. No mood swings, no crying jags, more energy, and less anxiety for the past four days! ... (8 replies)
... Hi there, I take it 300mg twice a day, in the morning and afternoon, It was given to me for my mood swings, I guess it works, but I don't know for me because I still have mood swings... ... (4 replies)

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