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... old, and suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I just started taking Ativan for my anxiety during the day, and it works pretty well. However, I wake up the next morning with uncontrollable shaking, I thought I was going to have a seizure. It affected my arms, legs, and torso... ... (4 replies)
... It sounds like it was a good idea to increase your Zoloft. I have only had morning shakes or extreme anxiety, then would take ativan or other type med, and feel better within half hour. ... (4 replies)
... thout all the ugly anxiety symptoms. Also, when my dosage of Lexapro was increased about 2 months ago, this too made a big difference. Even now, when I get the morning anxiety breakthrough, it's not nearly as crippling as it was on the lower dosage. And again, the Ativan seems to take care of the rest. ... (4 replies)

... I wake up every morning with shakes and tremors...sometimes I'm even a bit nauseous. by 10am I feel much better. ... (9 replies)
... Hi all, first time posting so i"m curious to read people's responses to the horrible feelings of anxiety,particularly in the morning. I have been dealing with anxiety for many years (10) and 6 months ago i fell into what could only be described as depression. I take valium and i also take Avanza (AD) and have found that it really is only a band aid for the root of my real... (0 replies)
... Is it possible that your sugar level in your blood may drop over night? I have hypoglycemia and while mine only drops during the day time, I have heard of some who have that problem because of going all night without taking in any food or caloric beverage. They usually say do not eat right before going to bed, but perhaps try a snack of peanut butter or cheese, and see if... (10 replies)
... Tim I just want you to know that you are probably going through adivan withdrawal. Go to the Ashton Manual, to get informed. Don't go to high and read about valium. I want to prevent you from going down a scary path. Not everyone does, I happen to be in it right now. Good Luck Paula (4 replies)
... Thanks for your inputs :) Yes, Ativan really does help me sleep...but I hate having to use it 2-3 times a day as a crutch. I hope this Zoloft kicks in soon. (4 replies)
... m a disaster in the morning. shakes and nausea....funny how everyone responds to the anxiety differently. ... (18 replies)
... I've posted before on this topic, but I feel the urge to do so again. :-) I have been having digestion problems for the past month, churning stomach, pain in the upper abdomen, acid reflux, etc. After doing a lot of "research" on the internet, I'm sure I have gastroparesis, a condition where the stomach doesn't dump into the small intestine. I have terrible nausea in the... (5 replies)
Internal Shaking??
Jul 11, 2007
... When the 'shakes' were at the worst, I was taking 25mg of Zoloft in the morning and 50mg before I went to bed. ... (9 replies)
... I'm experiencing many symptoms which my regular doctor thinks is anxiety, however I'm not completely sold on the idea that ALL of my symptoms are anxiety related (though I am not disputing the anxiety, I know I have it) so I thought I'd throw my story out there and see if anyone can relate or has any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, etc. This will probably be long, but here... (6 replies)
Panic Attack?
Nov 19, 2004
... I've never had a panic attack before, but I think I *may* have had a panic attack a few months ago.... My family and I were out of town at a motocross race and the whole day I was worried about my heart (the night before I had some slight pin-point chest pain and that made me very worried). Near the end of the day we ate at a restaurant before travelling home and to be... (1 replies)
... Going back about six months I had shakes in one hand, which started off lasting about half an hour and gradually increased in length. ... (3 replies)
... tomorrow... anyway.. I did ok alone, im one of those people who would rather be alone. got alot done... come Saturday morning I knew the family, WHOLE extended family would be home later that night. ... (0 replies)
... I'll get the shakes bad and very noticeably so....a bit embarrassing. ... (2 replies)
Feb 16, 2005
... The first night i took it i had a bad experience, COULD'NT SLEEP, Scared,Jittery, shakes..I felt Mental. I thought i was going Mental. Day 2, i took it in the Morning instead of Evening, I felt Happy during the Day and once again Flipped out in the Night. I didn't feel like my self, also like the Meds were making me crazy. ... (40 replies)
... k ok. My mind was at ease for a day and then the panic returned. Why does my lower back still ache. I took a Xanax...backache diminished to a dull ache. Next morning I wake up with horrible shakes and no appetite. Now I'm worried about having no appetite and can barely bring myself to eat. ... (8 replies)
Clonazepam Users
Dec 13, 2004
... SAD, and it does do wonders. When I have bad days and get really anxious I get the shakes and really horrible muscle tension, but after taking Clonazapem it really helps out my symptoms HUGELY. I don't know what I'd do without this drug. ... (18 replies)
... Hello. This is really difficult for me to try and explain. Maybe a month or two ago now, I remember taking off my coat and as I tensed my back, there was pain in my upper spine. A few days later, before I woke up, I was shaking every other second in my sleep (I was in a light sleep, so I was somewhat aware that this was happening, sorry if this makes no sense). When I woke up,... (5 replies)

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