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... Zoloft started mine up about 5 or 6 years ago. They got bad, I quit the Zoloft and it got better but never went away completely. It does get worse now when I get stressed out. ... (5 replies)
... I've been diagnosed with chronic GAD for well over a year and a half now... ... (2 replies)
... no pain only these odd sensations that feel real . Everyday I wake up hoping they will disapear but are there 24 you get the feeling that your going mad and that your losing your mind. My mouth feels tight and clenched I shake inside feel dizzy, wobbly legs like they will give way , inner tremor, muscle aches. ... (17 replies)

... thanks for the uplifting advice. i really appreciate it! its hard to get out and walk with my anxiety but im just going to have to force myself :) (4 replies)
... hi, i was trying to remember with the tingling and yes, i think it was on one side at one point. my muscle aches started on one side too and then moved to the other....oh and feet!!!! ... (10 replies)
... Just my two cents. If you are suffering from an anxiety or panic disorder, these symptoms can appear for apparently no reason at all. ... (11 replies)
Health anxiety
May 24, 2005
... Thank you crazygirl, that is reassuring. It has been a massive roller coaster. I literally have had every symptom in the book, and the pains in the glands, muscle aches, sore throat, all scare the hell out of me!!! ... (21 replies)
... shes have a pattern to them, I only get them out in public places with alot of people, or in the heat, never when Im alone or in familar surroundings, so I guess anxiety is to blame, Ive been more calm this week so my flashes seem to be less intense. ... (12 replies)
... I'm worry wart. Ever time somethings wrong with me I think I have a disease and am dying of something. Plus, I've been under a lot of stress and am getting married in 11 days. I have muscle pain, joint pain, trouble sleeping, and the list goes on. ... (1 replies)
... Years ago when I was put on Zoloft, my GP also gave me an ongoing rx for .5mg of clonazapam and I only take as needed when I am feeling really anxious or irritated or angry. Honestly, the . ... (6 replies)
... My GP has diagonised me as having stress and anxiety after lots of tests including upper and lower GI investigations are proved thankfully normal and put me on midication and councelling. ... (2 replies)
... bottles of suds and the "hangover" begins, I start getting really angry thinking about all kinds of things people have said or done to me in the past. ... (2 replies)
... I have been on the meds for about a month. They seem to help but I have a lot of muscle aches due to the Paxil and my legs feel kinda stiff and tight. ... (7 replies)
... My hands shake really bad and sometimes my my body like when I'm exercising. ... (2 replies)
... I would highly suspect the medication. PPIs have been known to cause ridiculous side effects like that. I took PPIs for about a month, back in November, and had the worst anxiety of my life, as well as daily nausea, blurred vision, headaches, muscle aches, vomiting, you name it. ... (4 replies)
... I took zoloft for awhile for my panic attacks. It helped but the side effects were bad I started to get muscle aches and I didn't have an appetite and lost alot of weight and like most of these med's there is sexual side effects. ... (12 replies)
Nov 20, 2006
... Hi there. I have anxiety and some days are better than others. I am having an MRI in January next year but my neurologist is not worried and as long as I stay on my meds I am actually fine. Do you get dizzy with those symptoms. ... (13 replies)
... My big problem has always been muscle aches and nomadic pain. Neck, back, shoulders, ribs, arms and legs. It doesn't really hurt to do anything physical, it is just constant tension and ache. ... (7 replies)
... yeah Ihave pain in my wrist and arms and I though tit was carpltunnel cause I work on a computer allday and dont hold my hands right but maybe it is from anxitey I am on efector and seraquel for the anxity I cant spell to well sorry I have been having a lot stuff going on latley and it doesnt happen everday (11 replies)
... Things here are going along better. I found, that alot of my aches and pains are made worse if I obsess over them and worry. My mom helped me discover that muscle spasms in my neck and jaw are causing my problems, good ole' TMJ,which I have had since a child. ... (54 replies)

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