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... Given all your problems, yes it is normal. I have been like this for a few weeks now and have a upper G.I. scheduled soon. Don't worry so much and it will not be as bad. Melly (2 replies)
... AM this morning and just layed there and I could feel the anxiety building up in me until I finally managed to get back to sleep. This has never happened before that I can remember. ... (2 replies)
... I'm sure he was thinking I don't want to make her angry, lol. Yes, your muscles will get sore if you do to much exercising or work out to quickly. ... (164 replies)

... and intense cardio is even better if you are fit enough. Also listening to relaxing music while slowing down your breathing is also beneficial. Tense up all your muscles and then relax them, from your toes all the way to your forehead. If someone is giving you anxiety then try to ignore that person and dont argue with them. ... (164 replies)
... Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome Do you have the follow symptoms (not all inclusive): "air hunger" "feel like breathing through a straw or get enough air" "chest tight or hurts" "back muscles hurt or tight" "rapid breathing" "dizzy" (28 replies)
Is this anxiety?
Nov 27, 2004
... Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome Do you have the follow symptoms (not all inclusive): "air hunger" "feel like breathing through a straw or get enough air" "chest tight or hurts" "back muscles hurt or tight" "rapid breathing" "dizzy" (4 replies)
Tense muscles
Oct 18, 2004
... Does anyone fine here when you wake up in the morning your muscles are tense. I find the the muscles in my left forearm and my right calf muscle get very tense. ... (1 replies)
... fears of heart trouble are very common for anxiety sufferers, its normal for stress and anxiety to make the heart beat faster or hammer, but this doesnt mean you have heart problems or will have a heart attack, dont be afraid of the palps, accept them as they wont hurt you many heart tests done and referrals to a heart specialist are common more xanax as needed will... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the reply! I get hives when I am nervous, really mad or just filled with anxiety. I will definately consider therapy. Thanks again! (4 replies)
TMJ and Anxiety???
Dec 12, 2003
... Definitely TMJ can be related and or exacerbated by anxiety. I had a real problem with TMJ growing up, but since I cured my anxiety with CBT I have not had any problem with it. ... (9 replies)
... I've also been getting really tight and painfull shoulder and neck muscles recently. The pain even radiates down the arm and up the neck into the skull area. ... (8 replies)
... tmj is destroying my life.... its all started when my doctor removed my braces he spent 4 hours i know its hard to believe that but i was opening my mouth for 4 hours!!! I remember i told him the next day that i am having a pain on my jaw but he told me there is nothing wrong and just do a warm water and everything will be fine.... anyway after one week i started to have a... (0 replies)
... and ended up in the ER today. Was very confused and lost vision. They gave me a cat scan with she contrast. After all this that has happened I'm having a lot of anxiety that this is now going to give me bad side effects. I feel very dizzy and drugged since I've been released from the ER and am having a lot of anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... A friend of mine thinks the ongoing symptoms are anxiety based which after reading up a bit seem coherent with how I'm feeling. Just unsure why I would have anxiety and why it would come on so suddenly? ... (2 replies)
... lottery. It can cause anxiety which sucks by itself, but it can also cause physical pains, or symptoms of all the nasty diseases you think you've got. All courtesy of your brain. ... (2 replies)
... I have horrible health anxiety and (probably as a result) insane muscle twitching. Primarily in my legs (calves and occasionally thighs), I have them 24/7 and mainly notice them when in a rested position. Now, I'm convinced that many of the symptoms i am feeling (weakness, twitching, warm sensations in muscles) are just bi-products of my anxiety but it's not easy as a... (1 replies)
... s breathing problem i also experienced excessive sleeping. I have seen my doctor on and off since this has started. My doctors have said that i have stress and anxiety and panic attacks. I guess my breathing can't catch my breath is the panic attacks. ... (0 replies)
... I have an anxiety freind with the one side body numbness. Dizziness is basic anxiety 101 and Ataxia is also common. ... (6 replies)
Anxiety or MS
Jun 3, 2012
... Whenever I change positions, such as when I'm getting out of a chair, the muscles in my left side of my body clenches up or stiffens. It is only the left side. ... (2 replies)
... mes its below the breast bones, sometimes its on the left or right. My regular doc brushes it off as anxiety. I've since had a 2nd opinion and that doc also said anxiety and possibly acid reflux. ... (1 replies)

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