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... My anxiety was different form yours, but I was on meds for a while and am now off them. ... (1 replies)
... Back in March I was complaining to my friends that I felt heavy and wanted to lose weight. Not like this though! ... (21 replies)
... First and foremost in order to heal and get better we have to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thinking or wondering will not do it, we have to KNOW, the cure is around the corner and it's coming. ... (5 replies)

... I havent posted about my illness before but now I want some support from others. I'm 19 was fine until November last year. ... (1 replies)
... in fact, it was my doc who said I should take more although my dose was already high. I just didn't agree with him that taking more was ok so I got off and went through protracted withdrawal syndrome. ... (3 replies)
... This is my story and my truth...I'm sharing this very personal and trying time in my life . Be patient reading this it will make sense as far as the anxiety a little later on in the story! ... (0 replies)
... Well here I am still. For anyone that hasnt read any of my previous posts I am a 28 year old male that recently quit a hardcore weed smoking habit. ... (3 replies)
... Hi All, I am new to this forum. Like many, I suffer from anxiety. It has been about two and half yrs, since I've been an anxiety sufferer. As you all are aware of we were so shocked with this first happened to us and thought we were going crazy. ... (14 replies)
... ve been doing well with anxiety for about a month and a half. ... (2 replies)
... My life with anxiety has no clear beginning. The earliest instance I remember is being 5 years old and hiding from my parents the fact that I learned how to tie my shoes because I was embarrassed and scared of not needing them for something anymore. ... (1 replies)
... I officially have been dx'd with baseline anxiety today. I believe this has been brought on by numerous stressers that have been going on in my life this past year. ... (8 replies)
... I am feeling very simialr to you right now. I have had anxiety for over 10 years but in the past 6 months is has gotten out of control. I am 30 years old, married and have a full time job. My anxiety is starting to take over my life like never before. ... (8 replies)
... ll have less anxiety it will get better believe me........ ... (11 replies)
... I have always been a worry wart but it seems that my anxiety is getting the better of me. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, since I first started this post I realized I have cycling depression,it's hard to explain but anxiety accompanys it. It is what put me out of work, today I may feel ok and tomorrow so depressed and exhausted getting out of bed is tough, I found there is no trigger to the cycle? ... (34 replies)
... I have had some level of GAD probably all my life. In the last month it has gotten worse, I always seem to have tightness in my chest esp. when I wake up in the morning. I have had some depression but the anxiety just makes me so exhausted I have no energy. ... (5 replies)
... I wonder if I have an anxiety disorder of some sort. ... (3 replies)
... ionship for about a year, with a narcissist. Nearly a year after we broke up he treated me even worse, more fool me for letting him but I thought I loved him, He is now finally out of my life and I have met this wonderful man who is so kind and loving. He treats me right and would do anything for me. ... (2 replies)
... I would check with your doctor to make sure you can still increase it. If anxiety is getting better with the increase, it sounds like you need to if it can be increased. ... (1 replies)
... I am so sorry you are not doing well on the Prozac...........we seem to get our hopes up when starting something new..........then get let down as it is worse than before the med. ... (13 replies)

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