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... Hey everyone, I only posted on this board a few times and only talked with a couple people but i just wanted to share a few things. ... (2 replies)
... anxiety drug from the Benzo family of drugs. It works very quick within 15 minutes. Quicker on an empty stomach. I used to have horrible anxiety every day and I would wake up every morning with a stomach ache. Xanax has almost completely eliminated both. ... (5 replies)
... panic disorder related dizziness for 6 months. My first panic attack was on an airplane, then I was dizzy for 2 months and was diagnosed "vestibular disorder". Has something to do with the inner ear. ... (14 replies)

... It's hard to say because I started it with the Klonopin. I did notice after a week I wanted to start calling my friends again, I wanted to go outside and I wanted to shop. I had a more positive outlook. I didn't have any side effects other than I was tired. ... (19 replies)
Please help
Jul 27, 2006
... Why don't you ask your doc to give you a low dose Xanax or Klonopin to take in the interim until the Lexapro begins to help. ... (6 replies)
Tired of anxiety
May 13, 2006
... So, a couple of weeks ago I made an appt. with my doctor and she prescribed Zoloft again and Wellbutrin. I took the doses the next day and experienced EXTREME panic attacks. ... (6 replies)
... I usually post on the depression board because that's my major problem right now. However, anxiety, panic attacks and depression go hand and hand with me. ... (5 replies)
... panic. I'm to take a half pill for the first 6 days and see how I'm feeling and may try taking a whole pill if needed. ... (9 replies)
... it's like my head starts feeling funny and I go into this sleepy trance and can't shake it. It's really scary, and I'm starting to get really concerened about that. ... (106 replies)
... Those kids must have you running around like crazy, since we haven't heard from you since the first of the week. I'm doing good, but it seems like lately all I want to do is eat, and I am staying hungry alot. ... (106 replies)
... I am on day 15 and pretty much all the side effects have subsided. I have to start on a low, low dose and work my way up. ... (8 replies)
... i have been on lexapro 10mg for 3 weeks now. i have my follow up visit on friday...with the dr. ... (12 replies)
... doc gave me xanax and I tried about 6 different antidepressants. Could not tolerate the antidepressants and the last one I tried made my anxiety even worse. ... (3 replies)
... Saw my Dr yesterday for tight throat, lump, the strangle feeling. ... (11 replies)
Is This Anxiety???
Oct 16, 2008
... I also have to take a half of a xanax almost every day to get by. ... (7 replies)
... like quality to these dreams. I took it as an indicator that it was just my subconscious surfacing and having a fun time. ... (5 replies)
... good for about 4 days no panic or anything, and then 3 days ago, it hit all over again. I feel like I'm back to square one again. This is frustrating. I think my stomache pain is also my irritable bowel. I was diagnosed with IBS about 5 or 6 years ago, but didn't remember it hurting under my right rib. ... (11 replies)
... Hey there, well it's much better as far as side effects. I don't have any anymore. I too still have the anxiety, although today was not as bad. My days are like yours, the better and worse thruought the day. ... (25 replies)
... I am about to start lexapro 5 mg. ... (1 replies)
... Well in a nut shell I started on 50mg, went to 75, then went to 100 then when I was pregnant I got really edgy, so then I went up to 150, after having my baby three months ago I had to go up to 200mg. ... (4 replies)

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