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... Sorry if this is long, I will try and sum it up. Back in July I was rushed to the ER with what I thought was a heart attack. It was not and I was sent home. ... (2 replies)
... well I have a blocked gland or something and thought I'd massage it a little just to see if it would drain itself......wrong move, it drained alright and I felt my heart go off the richter scale.... ... (2 replies)
All in my head?!?!
Apr 23, 2004
... Boy do I feel you. I have had this and it is getting better for me. Unfortunatelly I felt and though the same way you did, something physical. ... (2 replies)

... I have suffered from anxiety and panic as long as I can remember....but panic only ever so often. I have been having panic attacks everyday for 3 weeks....this has never happened are all my heart. Leg twitching... ... (1 replies)
... im going to give you guys my information and story. feel free to right back with your similar story's. ... (4 replies)
... FHP. Later if you have an accident, even a small accident which is what happened to me several months before my neck went bad but anyway, the accident can easily mess up your neck if you have any FHP before hand. ... (7 replies)
... When I was 18 I suffered anxiety attacks, I didn't even know what anxiety was, all I knew was that I couldn't breath and thought I would die. For weeks after this attack I had that tight throat feeling which left me bed ridden. ... (3 replies)
New and Dizzy!
Jul 28, 2006
... I have been reading through all the message boards, not such a smart idea for a girl with anxiety disorder. I am alot like many of you, I suffer with the thought I have every illness created and then some. ... (7 replies)
... visit this site. My anxiety is back due to getting a divorce and you reminded me that all of this stuff can happen. Husband is getting a little mean and has called me "psycho" more than a few times. ... (7 replies)
... Everything you said is true about anxiety. Anxiety can last for minutes, days, weeks, months. It can come and go or it can last the duration. ... (7 replies)
... low blood sugar, cholesteroal is 210 or under, I have a physically active job, I eat OK...but could be better. ... (0 replies)
... heart beat, dizziness and shaking and feeling as if i am going to feint. Sometimes these attacks are mild and sometimes they can scare the pants off me. Appart from these attacks i also have a feeling of being in a dream as if i am not really here and everything is not real. ... (2 replies)
... everybody I see tells me I have generalised anxiety disorder, but I've tried CBT, Hypnotherapy, relaxation remedies and even Crystal Healing, but nothing works. ... (1 replies)
... hay all.since 13 i have ocd but i didnt seek any help from doctors because i didnt know the existance of such ilness.but all my life this thoughs causing me some vision and other problems like seeing double nose shadows and strong heartbeat in my head. ... (0 replies)
... I'm a 21 year old student of the recording arts, Sound Manager at a local venue, and a musician. I have goals in life that I must accomplish, but I feel like my anxiety is holding me back. I need some advice. ... (2 replies)
My story.
Apr 6, 2009
... Hello, My name is Amyrose and I'm 18 years old. I live in Essex, England. ... (4 replies)
... I used to get migraines ALOT then started taking Topamax, which helped alot. I was told that my migraines is from anxiety and stress. Then my neruologist noticed that my upper shoulders were very tight everytime I came in to see him. ... (4 replies)
... Ok well here goes a theraputic exercise for me to type and hopefully for those sufferring the same to read. Here are the "diseases I was convinced I have head during the last 2 times I replapsed each time lasting for about 6 mos. and while wife was pregnant and into first months of new child. ... (7 replies)
... I have the same thing, i just dismiss it as anxiety. My neck gets so tight that when I roll my head I feel muscles in the middle of my back crack, it is crazy, but I know it is anxiety because it happens when I drive, and knowing that gives me comfort knowing that it is anxiety. ... (2 replies)
... ly the body sensations have gone for the most part, visual still going strong, lightheaded off balance gonna pass out still here, but the thing botheringeost now is a lot of pressure and pains in head, some dull some sharp and in different places? ... (17 replies)

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