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... I understand your missery.I too was obsessed with thinking there must be a heart problem.I get left arm,shoulder pains off and on.I also get left sided facial numbness sometimes.A few small chest pains at times........ ... (5 replies)
... Yes you need to stop monitoring your heart this is just helping to keep you in that anxiety frenzy. ... (4 replies)
... I am sorry your feeling so bad.I had the fast pounding heart rythm before but it was during one of my pregnancies so I attributed it to hormones.I do not have the fast rythm anymore just the premature ventricular contractions with all those crazy skips.flutters. ... (22 replies)

... f the time harmless to you and your heart.Alot of people have them and they have healthy hearts.This could all be from anxiety it really can.I would probably ask my doctor about a holter monitor or event recorder though to be sure.Theres not much to these tests they are like wearing a portable EKG for several days or weeks. ... (3 replies)
... big quivers,and pauses the longest pause I had was about 40 seconds and of course I was scared as ever jumped up from my chair and just started breathing in deep.These things can be pretty scarey,but I have heard they wont harm you. ... (13 replies)
... yeah I get the irregular beat also.Sometimes mine will go irregular for an hour or longer........a whole lot of skips,flutters,quivers.They can be like every other beat or every several.I have periods of time in my life where I will have them for a month or so (usualy notice them when laying down) and then they are gone for months.I have also had monitors and ekgs same thing... (1 replies)
... There is a thread somewhere on here about palpitations seems a whole lot of people with anxiety have them.I have them sometimes they can get so irritating I cannot sleep at night because they are worst when laying in bed.I have the irregular beating,flutters,quivers,pauses on and on.Of course its not every single night I can have one or two skips and its over or even none.I... (4 replies)
... daisy I am no doctor but I do experiance the same thing sometimes.I have had the sharp,stabby,achy,burning pains in my legs,left arm,left shoulder,neck,chest. ... (5 replies)
Chest flutters :
Sep 10, 2006
... p me up.I have felt flutters,quivers,pauses,irregular beating they feel scarey sometimes but usualy harmless.I had a holter monitor done and that is when some of my PVC's were caught and recorded for the technician and cardiologist to look over. ... (4 replies)
... oh goodness I had so many symptoms I couldnt name them all,but I will name a few of the worst ones for me heart palpitations.skippings,flutters,quivers,irregular rythms hot flashes hypocondria....I would spend hours looking for what my REAL health prob was moodiness nausea I have had hundreds of symptoms through the years,but these were the most recent which caused... (7 replies)
... hi when you say "palpitations" was it just racing of your heart ? ... (13 replies)
... Naturally all of this is bugging me, its relentless every day, I am so upset by it. I wonder if it isn't brought on by perimenopause as I am 42 and my cycle has gone from 28 to 23 days. ... (1 replies)
Sharp pains?
Oct 20, 2005
... I also get the same pain in my left leg,right arm,neck,between shoulder blades,and a few times my chest.It moves around and never in two places at once. ... (7 replies)
Tired of this
Sep 26, 2005
... Afew months ago I started having heart palpitations mostly,skipping,quivers,abnormal rythm.Of course this scared me pretty bad and having anxiety disorder I obsessed over it constant. ... (1 replies)

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