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... that diagnosed my panic disorder. Had an EKG done, which was fine, and had a 24 hr heart monitor. Showed many benign PVC's. Pulse had been up at that time due to worry over the PVC's. He put me on Toprol XL 25 mg, and it helped the PVC's and helped to slow my heartrate down. ... (0 replies)
... and my pulse is high in the morning...when i get out of bed it is 120 just for standing but then it drops to around 104 after breakfast and even more after propranolol kicks in...other than that i've been normally healthy... ... (5 replies)
... can skyrocket through the roof. One time is was 171 while having a major panic attack. Normally, with anxiety it's between 100 and 130. I think the normal pulse rate is around 80. I do have Coronary Artery Disease and high Triglycerides now, but the blood pressure is still "normal". ... (7 replies)

... Boy, am I an old pro at this topic!! My racing heart beat was the main focus for me in my panic attacks, and in general. OH MY! I would go around feeling my pulse and "monitoring" myself constantly. I spent many tears and fears in this department. ... (12 replies)
... have a resting pulse of about 59 or so when I go back to sleep. ... (0 replies)
... Don't know if you saw the posts I've posted about this same thing. I also have noticed my pulse has gone up and I feel agitated some days. ... (11 replies)
... entricular tachycardia. I have had pac's and pvc's for 6 years, along with anxiety. But this year I kept going to the Dr.'s telling them that when I get upset, my heart rate shoots way high and skips back to back, and my panic attack sets off and I have a hard time dealing with my heart. ... (7 replies)
... e morning because the morning tach isn't as bad. With me, my bp seems really good at home, sometimes even lowish 90's over 50's but I don't get dizzy or faint so my doctor said it isn't too low unless it is causing you problems like dizziness and fainting. Actually lower is better than higher from what they told me. ... (7 replies)
... however a frequent alcohol drinker. In the 2 months that this has been going on I have had a couple beers 2 different times. I haven't gotten drunk once and that is not like me at all. When I'm at rest its normally 92 to over 100 at times. If i am really relaxed it can be in the low 80s. My heart beats FAST!!!! ... (7 replies)
... I have anxiety when going to the doctor's office, too. My pulse and blood pressure are always through the roof. ... (6 replies)
Jun 9, 2004
... It might be related to your anxiety with a blood sugar reaction. Generally, if the blood sugar is low, after you eat, your heart will beat faster or heavier. It is not harmful, so don't worry. Maybe you want to have your blood sugar checked out, though. ... (20 replies)
... My sleep is whacked as I'm unemployed. ... (0 replies)
... panic attacks. I went to a cardiologist and he put me on a beta blocker. Not for high blood pressure, but for the palpitations that he said were caused strictly by anxiety!. ... (9 replies)
... I was just curious on this, what is the normal pulse rate. When I was at my neurologist, actually most times im there, my pr was 100 or slightly above. Kind of shocked me because i wasnt as "anxious" as i normally am and im wondering how high is acceptable. ... (13 replies)

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