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... I have a reoccurring problem where my neck and shoulders will be very very tight, and I will have feelings of shock and a shivery prickly feeling going down down my arms. Sometimes the feelings of shock last for half the day, but then usually subside by evening. Then it all starts over the next morning. ... (3 replies)
... I've also been getting really tight and painfull shoulder and neck muscles recently. The pain even radiates down the arm and up the neck into the skull area. ... (8 replies)
... I thought I was the only one! As soon as I wake up, I feel this fear and dread. I have a "prickly" cold sensation down my arms and legs. Sometimes it subsides through the day and I have also had it last all day. I have tried a natural supplement called happy camper. ... (3 replies)

... Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, I am having major muscle issues. For the past few days they've all been so tight I feel like they're gonna snap! Especially in my shoulders and forearms. It's like I've played a triple header in softball haha. ... (10 replies)
... I can hardly turn my head either way. ... (8 replies)
... I asked my Doctor about it and he said it's a very common thing amoung panic disorder sufferers. ... (8 replies)
... I'm a bit worried about my neck at the moment. ... (0 replies)
... xiety disorder for over 12 years. About a year ago I was diagnose with a Thyriod disorder. These past year has been a very trying year. I'm still trying to get my Thyriod meds regulated but my anxiety has been throught the roof. Beginning of the year I've was put on 10mg of Lexapro. ... (5 replies)
Dizzy feeling
Feb 27, 2006
... at one time or another. I do get the "dizzy afraid I'm going to fall over or pass out" feelings alot. My jaw feels tense and tight, my throat feels tight sometimes too. My neck is very sore quite often. The pounding heart thing is VERY familiar to me too! ... (11 replies)
... i would take a deep breath and pull my shoulders up really tight. then breathe out slowly and as you do, relax your entire body. it helped over time.. ... (7 replies)
... anxiety in my shoulders. My jaw is always tight, leading to sore face muscles and headaches. Anxiety is horrible! ... (3 replies)
Feeling no better
Jan 31, 2012
... he docs have missed it.I am now on antidepressants, I said I would give them a try as I,m desperate to feel normal again. Also it,s like I have a heavy weight on my shoulders.all my body aches ,my neck,leg joints crack and hurt.Still have all the other symtoms. ... (40 replies)
... I'm still anxious and nervous all of the time. I was just telling my husband that I feel like I need a professional massage every day. My neck, shoulders and back are constantly tense and my body feels sore all the time. I chalk it up to my anxiety. ... (1 replies)
... So my question is is this all normal anxiety? ... (6 replies)
... although I think I had a couple tonight after eating dinner because my heart started beating faster from digestion... it's the little things that set me off! Always my heart though. ... (1 replies)
... I'm a 21 year old student of the recording arts, Sound Manager at a local venue, and a musician. I have goals in life that I must accomplish, but I feel like my anxiety is holding me back. I need some advice. ... (2 replies)
My story.
Apr 6, 2009
... Hello, My name is Amyrose and I'm 18 years old. I live in Essex, England. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Rianna, I'll have you know I choked on the carrot stick I was eating when I read the title of your thread, because my answer to your question is a resounding "YES! ... (15 replies)
... Please tell me if these are normal symptoms of anxiety. my jaw is achey and tense, my shoulders are tight, my insides feel like they are shaking, I have trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating, fatigued, my chest sometimes feels full. I just don't feel right. ... (2 replies)
Breathing Issues
Aug 28, 2005
... When I have panic attacks, I realize that I am basically holding my breath and clenching all my muscles so tight I feel like I can't move or breathe. Then I feel like I might have a heart attack because my chest hurts and my left arm gets tingly and numb. ... (9 replies)

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