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... I guess I can't be much help but what is Propranolol? ... (3 replies)
... I hope this isnt too long, but I feel I need to post what I have been going thru, and why I have reached the conclusion that what I have is severe anxiety. ... (3 replies)
... I've been self employed for years and have always been okay at handling stress. But, over the last 6 months, my stress has been building up. During this time, I started waking up with an upset stomach and kind of a nauseous feeling, but I would feel better late afternoon. ... (4 replies)

... Hello! I've been lurking this community for about 2 weeks, when I saw my first psychiatrist. I just made my first post to the "gag reflex is ruining my life" post, which seems to be almost exactly what happens to me. ... (2 replies)
... I have it too DF. I have had stomach problems most of my life and have had upper GI's with the light twice, but they never see anything. They just told me it was a "nervous" stomach and gave me Xanax, Tagamet and Bentyl. ... (6 replies)
Nervous Stomach
Jan 29, 2004
... I have been reading a lot of your posts over the past few months and I think I have responded to some of them. The reason I chose to respond again is because I am exactly like you. I am nauseous most of the time. It's a fight to eat. I do it anyway because I am so underweight. ... (4 replies)
... I am getting so angry and unhappy because nobody knows what wrong with me and nobody is helping!!!!!!!!!!! ... (8 replies)
... Hopefully someone will read through my experience, and find comfort in it or help because of it. ... (30 replies)
... i was trying to lose weight and this started. infact, it happened twice, this is the second time. ... (6 replies)
... I have always been worried it seems. I am 42 yrs old and have irritable bowel syndrome so when I am in one of my bad cycles of anxiety my stomach causes me lots of grief. If things are going good I am just thinking about what bad is going to happen. ... (1 replies)
... The Clonazepam is another version of Ativan. I'd definitely recommend asking your doctor about these 2 meds. They work for me... ... (7 replies)
... I am a 20 year old male, healthy until July of 2008 after a 4 day hospital stay for knee surgery. Since i was released my life has changed drastically. If anyone can help me with a diagnoses or any advice i would much appreciate it. ... (3 replies)
... I began feeling weird one day almost 6 years ago. I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. I was terrified and did not know what was wrong with me. I went to the doctor and he told me it was anxiety. I said no way it had to be something else. ... (2 replies)
... Hi all, my doctor finally gave me some ativan and klopin last week for my panic and anxiety, wish they use to help me but so far I have not had that much luck with these drugs. ... (7 replies)
... In retrospect, I had my very first panic attack when I was 8 years old but of course I didn't know what it was. I was getting ready for bed when out of the blue I started shaking uncontrollably. I felt really nauseous. I thought I was going to throw up but I couldn't move from the bed. ... (3 replies)
... I feel the same way most of the time. It is so frustrating to me. I just walk around all day with this nervous butterflies stomach feeling..Most of the time I don't even know what triggered it, but sometimes I can pinpoint it to something I heard, said, felt, or saw that triggered my anxiety. ... (3 replies)
... I'm a Hyperchondiac I'm always thinking there is something seriously wrong with me when it's nothing or it's just a normal cold. ... (5 replies)
Pain pain pain
Feb 1, 2003
... I'm a Hyperchondiac I'm always thinking there is something seriously wrong with me when it's nothing or it's just a normal cold. ... (5 replies)
... So I guess I have been dealing with anxiety since about age 20 which interestingly is aroudn the same time I was diagnosed with hypertension. ... (7 replies)
... my first boyfriend dumped me for some other girl when i was 15 then i got with my kids dad a month later who is 21 years older than me who started treating me like crap as soon as i found out i was pregnant and stopped doing drugs and drinking. ... (2 replies)

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