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... y often. I know that sleep deprivation is not healthy, but I don' t know what to do about it. My doc prescribed Klonipin, but when I take it, I feel kinda stoned and will sleep for two days straight. How can I win? ... (57 replies)
... You just described my life to a T. I have had some of the symptoms that you mentioned for the longest time, but the dizziness, and head pressure, just like you described behimd the nose, for the last 5 months without a break. I have been put on Paxil, and it has helped a very little bit. ... (57 replies)
... drinker, never seen a doctor in my life before this. It all started a little over a month ago when I did some cardiovascular exercise and got a little dizzy. The next morning at work, I started reading up on possible causes of dizziness. ... (57 replies)

... usmc75, I have also noticed that my spaciness is a lot worse with coinciding head pressure. ... (57 replies)
... I really hate the nausea every morning. It's like I just wake up thinking "Am I nauseous today? ... (57 replies)
... Hi, My name is Sarah and I have been dealing with all these same symptoms for almost 5 months now. ... (57 replies)
... i get the near fainting...BIG time. i feel just weird all of a sudden, like i'm gonna have a seizure or some thing, then i get hot, then cold, body goes numb, and i really feel like i'm gonna black out. i have all the head pressure, etc. i can tell you that Paxil CR took it all away!! i had spacy feelings constantly. ... (57 replies)
... the only difference may be that I am 21 now, and have felt these things since i was about 12 or 13.. ... (57 replies)
... isn't all that uncommon. You can probably correct that by slowing your exercise routine and breathing less shallow. ... (57 replies)
... am a mum of 3 in the Uk, who is known to most people as a confident, lots of fun person. Well if only they knew the truth ! I have always suffered from anxiety and ocd but have battled on regardless. But the last four weeks have hit me hard. ... (5 replies)
... I am a 38 year old female, living in the UK. I have all these symptoms and as so glad to hear of other people too, as I have been searching for an 'answer. ... (57 replies)
... no paxil. anyway, please tell me if this happens to any of you... i am trying to fall asleep then all of a sudden i get like a "surge" like someone took all the pressure out of my head then filled it right back up, fast.. and then i feel real spacy and this kept yhappening all night, like 25 times.... ... (57 replies)
... Hi everybody... I too have been experiencing most of the symptoms that you guys are describing... but mine just started about a month ago and it has progressively gotten worse. ... (57 replies)
... i feel like that,could it just be really bad sinus pressure.i get headaches,dizziness,sickness,i do suffer with severe depression and anxiety could it all be connected? ... (57 replies)
... Hi there...I can relate to what you are feeling. I have had the spacy feeling since Dec.24 and I pretty much have it everyday all day. I also feel nausea untill I have a bowel movement. I don't have much advice for what to do to make it go away as I am still dealing with it myself. ... (57 replies)
... I am curious if this is anxiety or something worse. I have GAD, my worst and daily symptom is this weird feeling like Im rocking on a boat in my head, it comes with head pressure behing my eyes, a headache and neck pain. ... (0 replies)
... im 19 and have been getting bad spells that last for a few hours to several days , constantly expect night time of what i describe as a vertigo dizziness feeling that makes me feel nausea abit like motion sickness but not like the room is spinning more like an unbalanced feeling it is quite debilatateing , Doctor has checked blood/urine and ears an eyes they found nothing... (1 replies)
... Hi, im new to this board, i began having these attacks last summer, out of nowhere, I've gotten the ear popping, nausea, stomach cramps, numbness, and all of the above, however i've noticed latley my head hurts from time to time, and not like a headache, but only if i move it a certain way or bend down,.. ... (2 replies)
... Ok... finally got an appointment for a CT scan... Nervous about that, but hoping it might calm some of my anxiety. Hopefully it will reassure me that I DON'T have a brain tumor since I am so convinced that I do... Well, hope you're all doing well... take care, and if ya don't mind, please say a little prayer for me :angel: KIM (57 replies)
... Junior I totally get the same thing with laughing or when I get excited about a sports game that might be on like cheering... it's weird man...dont know what to say... I got the same crap as you both.... except I feel like unsteady and my eyes are always doin weird things (57 replies)

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