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... Unfortunately, the tests doctors and psychologists use to test for anxiety in the country I live in do NOT include nausea in them at all, however it IS an anxiety symptom and I can totally relate to what you've described. ... (3 replies)
... rs with top of the line insurance in America. SO PLEASE refrain from saying its basic stuff no offense the only basic analogy i could throw out at this point its anxiety and panic attack disorder no matter how irritating and discombobulating it is and all the above. ... (4 replies)
... have with absolute certainty, is severe GAD for over ten years now. Not severe enough to be hospitalized, but severe enough that I dropped out of high school. My anxiety attacks often are accompanied and even triggered by feelings of nausea and dizziness. I've been emetophobic all my life. ... (2 replies)

... I definitely know what you mean when it comes to nausea and dizziness due to anxiety. Both are known to spawn from anxiety and can be very distracting in every day life. ... (3 replies)
... od. I began to feel pain and weakness in my thighs and calves. I figured that it was just from my period. It has been 4 days since my period ended as well as the nausea and dizziness and my legs still hurt. I have pain and burning in my thighs just above the knees, especially if I am sitting. My legs still feel weak. ... (2 replies)
... threonate has helped many people who suffer from anxiety, dizziness and headaches. It also calms you down so that you are not so stressed. The nausea I think is from the nervousness that the anxiety causes you. ... (3 replies)
... s. Ive calmed down now because i made an appointment with my doctor, so im no longer feeling nervous or scared. but i feel soooooo sick! its like, i dont get the nausea and dizziness until ive STOPPED worrying! ... (1 replies)
... Keep in mind that anxiety can mimick any symtoms, from heart attack to nausea and dizziness, you think it and it will happen. ... (24 replies)
... often also deal with anxiety from it on some level. ... (57 replies)
... I start feeling a little dizzy, not like I am going to pass out but unstable, sort of like being slightly intoxicated. After the dizziness starts, my stomach starts acting up, noisy and gassy. The next morning I wake up feeling terrible. The dizziness intensifies and gets worse when I move my head. ... (3 replies)
... suggested I had experienced a panic attack. That whole week, I had MANY symptoms of anxiety come and go. I went to the ER twice, did ECG's, emergency blood tests, all normal. ... (57 replies)
... other helpful tips if you google Hypoglycemia, that help a lot. Keep in mind that this does NOT mean you have Hypoglycemia, it just turned out to be my cause of dizziness and nausea. ... (4 replies)
... gin to become clear. For me, I can feel the clenching in my chest that signals the beginning of panic, now, and then I know what to expect. Oh yes, there is that dizziness again, those heart palpitations, yes, now I have to go to the bathroom. Yup, right on schedule. ... (2 replies)
... Hello all! I know you've probably heard this same question a million times and the answer is usually "YES!" but I wanted to share my story in hopes that someone else has been through the same thing. I'm a 23-year-old male currently living in the Midwest. Here's my long story: **Feel free to skip to the end for an overview** For the past eight months I've been... (5 replies)
... I'm new to these forums and just wanted to get a second opinion from everyone. I'm 21 years old and for the past 2 years have been struggling with weight loss, nausea every time I eat, and bad acid reflux. I started going to a GI doctor because it was initially thought it was an ulcer. ... (3 replies)
... opnions from fellow anxiety sufferers to help get me out of this nightmare state that I am in......this is a long intro so sorry in advance..... ... (2 replies)
... Lots to read here, I'll try to address the things I am familiar with. The reflux is probably being irritated from the dipping and you need to stay on a med for it to clear it up or you could end up with cancer of the esophogus. Nexium is what I take for reflux & it is 100% better, the over the counter meds never helped me. Also, I ended up with 2 ulcers from stress & anxiety... (2 replies)
... I have been told by at least 7 doctors I have anxiety and it's just getting worst. ... (13 replies)
... If you can find and read a thread in this forum called "Heavy Head,,,,,Lightheaded", I asked the same thing. The thread is about 2 weeks back. I got the following very helpful answer from Boxerlover: (4 replies)
... Here's my list for full blown panic attacks: Skipping heartbeats/palpitations Chest pain/tightness Sudden adrenaline rush Weakness Sweating Shaking Dizziness Nausea (8 replies)

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