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... ONLY causing problems in social situations, it just doesnt make any sense. I dont understand why they would even test for other stuff. Even still, I get extreme nausea when I get in social situations. ... (1 replies)
... March. I would get my little bouts of nausea here and there, and, while very distressing, I continued to just deal with it. I powered through. ... (2 replies)
... sometimes I am starving, but its better than being afraid I'm gonna puke. Also, when i do eat, I eat just enough to where I'm not starving but I could still eat a lot more. ... (22 replies)

... it made you nervous. I noticed everytime I went to the doctors office my nausea would get worse and I would have to run to the bathroom because of dirreahea. ... (4 replies)
Nervous nausea
Sep 28, 2005
... I get anxiety attacks when it comes to dating, and I've spoken to a psychologist so I'm not worried about it so much as I just want a cure for the nausea! ... (7 replies)
... My panic attacks are mostly related to my nervous stomach and my fear of vomiting, so they will usually start either when i feel nauseous or nervous. I get an awful intense nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that feels like it shoots up through my body to my head. ... (8 replies)
... Hello! I've been lurking this community for about 2 weeks, when I saw my first psychiatrist. I just made my first post to the "gag reflex is ruining my life" post, which seems to be almost exactly what happens to me. ... (2 replies)
... it's not when you are thinking about anything or feeling particularly nervous or anxious. ... (120 replies)
... symptoms have nothing to do with that part of me. I had been on Prozak for years and was feeling pretty darn good with my life and my GAD was pretty controlled when these symptoms came on. The spaciness is the worst for me. ... (57 replies)
... Starting back on it this time, I've had some insomnia, dry mouth, yawning fits, morning and evening grogginess, and nausea. I'm on my third week now, and the nausea has gone away and I haven't had any panic attacks recently. I also took .25 xanax three times while waiting for the paxil to kick in. ... (4 replies)
Nervous nausea
Sep 29, 2005
... for me it's usually just on the phone or something. When you're prepared for something, like a date, you should be fine. ... (7 replies)
Nervous nausea
Sep 28, 2005
... Wow I have the exact same problem! I really want to start dating but when I find someone...I get so nervous and literally make myself sick. ... (7 replies)
... I'm 16 years old and for over 5 years I've felt sick every day but mostly when I wake up in the morning. ... (4 replies)
... Elda...I also feel very nervous and this weird "shot" of panic goes through me... ... (11 replies)
Sob When Speaking
Aug 21, 2005
... If it does mean short of breath then yes I will get this when my anxiey attack is kicking in. My attacks happen in social situations where I am nervous or excited and it leads to shortness of breath, nausea etc. ... (6 replies)
My Story....
Jan 22, 2009
... My parents divorced when I was young. My mom remarried and I was adopted by my stepfather....who was not a good man. Never new my father until the day before he died..... ... (1 replies)
... Whenever I am watching a movie in the teather I start to feel nervous like I can't breath and like I can't swallow my spit so I don't take any popcorn or anything just water. Then when I drink water I feel like I may choke on it. ... (9 replies)
... when you start to feel an attack coming on will help , that is what i would do and it seemed to calm me down alot. There for awhile i would start to feel really nervous and jittery as if i knew i was going to have an attack so i would get in the tub with the epsom salts and i would start to feel better. ... (6 replies)
... I also get diarrhea when I'm anxious, the only thing that helps me is to not get anxious, easier said than done I know too well. I do find anti anxiety meds help a lot. ... (5 replies)
... but it was less severe. I took a half day off work and sitting at home right now, I still feel more calm. Some of it could be in my head, but waking up with no nausea or nervous breakdown is kind of refreshing! ... (2 replies)

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