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... Today, I feel very nauseated from the Lexapro. Didn't sleep again at all last night, so I also feel exhausted. Don't feel like eating anything. As I indicated, I'm only taking 5 mgs. ... (36 replies)
... Hey mjewell, I don't take lexapro so I can't answer your question from a personal point of view, but my bf takes it (20 mg/day). He's been taking it since mid-July and still has days where he feels completely nauseated. He didn't feel like this when he first started taking it. It started probably a month into it. When he gets nauseated, he starts feeling more anxious... (18 replies)
Paxil question
Apr 24, 2005
... c I feel very nauseated from 10 mg. ... (1 replies)

... Hey there, I started Lexapro last night. I tried Zoloft first but WOW, the anxiety was ten times worse. So she switched me to Lexapro, 10mg. ... (3 replies)
... and could not take the restlessness and anxiety. I wake up with it just coming out of me, I hate it. But if I take the Lexapro during the day I have dizziness and anxiety then. This is hard to stick with. ... (6 replies)
... I started taking Lexapro 5 days ago. The first day at first I was sleepy, then I got really nauseated, then I got jittery, but NOT quite panicky, if that makes sense. ... (5 replies)
... My stomach hurt last night, and then I had the worst pains that came two times for about ten seconds each... just this sharp excruciating pain. Then I had a very unpleasant trip to the bathroom. I felt constipated for a few hours, and then when I finally had to go it was the opposite. Today I've become a bit worried about some of my symptoms... one is that I felt almost as... (25 replies)
... sweating, panicy very anxious, very very dizzy, nauseated and stomache. I couldn't sleep last night. But I'm going to stick it out, because it seems from you people that are on it, that you have to give it a week before side effects go away, is that right? ... (25 replies)
... After taking my first dose, I feel just plain weird. I am also a little nauseated and dizzy. This stuff is no joke, and I hope this all passes soon. ... (2 replies)
... I'm sorry that you're not feeling better. From what I can tell, it seems that 5 mgs. doesn't work for many people. I'm thinking about upping my dose to 10 mgs right now. ... (36 replies)
... Hi I would suggest you half that I think everyone should start at 5mg and go from there. I am still on 5mg and I'm doing great after 2mos I didn't get nauseated but at first didn't have much hunger but there is no problem now. My only side effect was the big D and that is pretty much gone. ... (31 replies)
... Hello, Maybe we can help each other until were used to this. I believe Lexapro is a sister drug to Celexa. I am on day 4 on Lexapro, tonight will be my 5th dose. ... (2 replies)
... ver my heart, and constant fear of health problems in general, she put me on Lexapro. She had tried other meds first, but I had bad reactions to them. I was on Lexapro for 3 years, it worked great, and I weaned myself off of it in March. I still take Xanax just at night to help fall asleep. ... (5 replies)
MY STORY, help
Jun 4, 2004
... psychotherapist. I took Xanax and still was freaking out. My therapist told me I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Ok. Finally after two weeks or so, I accepted that and it made me feel real good. ... (3 replies)
... Xanax daily. I had no prob with the Lexapro for the 10 yrs so last week I restarted and had a horrible reaction and ended up in the er. ... (6 replies)
... ffects i dont remember having when i took before. I had to stop the zoloft due to the insomnia, i didnt sleep for days and just couldnt bear it anymore. I was on lexapro before and dont remember having these issues before from it but for some reason i just cant tolerate this time around. ... (6 replies)
... thing new. Dizziness, yea got that too. Sick to stomache, nauseated, all that. I'm writing all this down now, so tomorrow when I say that I have all the above from the Zoloft hopefully I can remember that I actually have all this beforehand. I hope so bad it works too. ... (11 replies)
... I have had the same thing. I get woken up all nigt long with those symptoms. I have learned to deal during the day, with breathing techniques. Breathing in slowly through your nose making sure your stomach is going out and your not breathing through your chest, Then exhale through your mouth slowly. At night its hard to pay attention to your breathing an dthat is why I cant... (4 replies)
... June, around fathers day, I began feeling a bit ill... I began losing my appetite and getting nauseated after a few bites of food. ... (4 replies)
Xanax & Adderall
Mar 1, 2006
... A definate side effect of amphetamine. Even if you didn't have anxiety before, side effects can sometimes be culmative (occuring after years after being on a drug). Xanax will only be a short term solution. Besides dependancy on a benzo, there is the problem of possible tolerance, and in benzo's case a possibility of tolerance withdrawals(withdrawal symptoms while still on the... (2 replies)

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