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... So I think this officialy flared up three years ago when i started work. And i was alot slower then most and felt like I wasnt living up to everyones exspectations. And I started to notice signs of OCD setteling in were id be double sometimes triple or more checking everything. Then id be anxious night times and think that id forgotten to do something. But that would be on... (1 replies)
... Im 20 years old and throughout most of my life i have had what many people call a nervous stomach. For most of my life i was the kid that dreaded the first day of school because of change. The first few weeks of school for me were always torture because i would throw up every day before school and usually have diarihha. Whenever something new comes up in my life these symptoms... (2 replies)
... ok, about 2 1/2 months ago i was out eating dinner and all of a sudden i got an INTENSE feeling of dizziness for like 3 seconds and then it went away. ok so i was fine for a month, and then i kept thinking to myself...omg what if i get that dizziness again?? then i started to feel dizzy..not like i did when i was out eating dinner, but just like off balance, like vertigo... (15 replies)

... Ok im a 18 year old male and i think i have anxiety, i went to the doctors befor becuse i had a rapid heart beat and i felt nervous. They took x-rays and told me nothing was wrong, as soon as they said that i felt fine it just went away. Now for the past couple days i have felt really light headed like im about to pass out, and i have diareiha and i feel nautious, it has... (3 replies)
... It does seem like the breathing exercises help, but sometimes it seems like you either cant fully concentrate on the breathing exercises (because your attick is strong) or it makes you feel nautious. (6 replies)
... I am not sure exactly whether my Anxiety is something I should...well have anxiety about. When I get anxiety it's usually about something that isn't too serious but it still effects me more deeply. My heart races a little and I always get very nautious. And even after the situation is over if I think about it I continue to get symptoms. I wonder if this is just normal or if it... (2 replies)
... se things can come from anxiety. It is your mind creating them, but they are very real. So saying, "it's just in your mind" doesn't make any sense. I have the nautious feeling a lot and yet i never vomit. I sometimes gag, or cough really hard, but never vomit. ... (5 replies)
... I start getting this nautious feeling in my stomach. Sometimes I start crying. This never use to happen to me! ... (2 replies)
... the largest concentration of seratonin in the body is in the gut,the disfuction or imbalance of neurotransmitters can cause any number of things to happen physically even allergy can cause only bowel problems in some people.hope this helps (3 replies)
... just stess in gereral can make someone go to the bathroom (#2). (3 replies)
... do you fear vomiting or needing to use the toilet? (3 replies)
... ive had anxiety for about 3 years now. basically its alwyas when i no i am going somewhere soon then i start to feel nervous n my stomach acts up. My main this i get nervous about is "What if i go out and i have to go to the bathroom" that i think is the only problem from keeping me isolated from doing everything i used to do....its stoped me from traveling far places and... (3 replies)
... I have been taking Paxil for a week now and I am hating the way I feel. I am nautious, light headed, dizzy, and beginning to get the shakes. I haven't felt like this since I was pregnant. Do the side effects go away or is this what is like the whole time on this drug. I have never taken any AD's before and I'm just wondering if I should stick with it or quit. Thanks for any... (5 replies)
... panic attacks started, I feel nautious becuse there is so much saliva and my inner right cheek is swollen. ... (2 replies)
... Has wondering had anxiety problems where they have constant numbness all day in their arms. I started off about a month ago not feeling well, vomitting, numbness in my face, arms,legs, back and neck pain. I thought that I had nerve damage from a root canal. I ended up in the hospital for a week and had every test imaginable. Went to every doctor out there, then met a... (4 replies)
... All i know is that Green Tea is not all that good for some people. I know it is marketed by many people and books, what is good for some is the way opposite for others. But crank an engine for green tea side effects negative. It extracts in a perfume that I threw away makes me sick, nautious, dizzy etc. (8 replies)

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