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Neck tightness
Jul 20, 2007
... One of the classic symptoms of anxiety is neck, back and chest tension. ... (5 replies)
... sharp, dull, vague, uncomfortable, achey, centered chest tightness. I feel it around below sternum as well. ... (43 replies)
Tightness in chest
May 30, 2004
... yes i also suffer from the same thing you are going through, my doc said it was also stress and anxiety. it mostly feels like the mussels in the center of my chest are really tight when i sit down in a chair and watch tv , and especally when i get nervous say if i am planning on going out some where to do somthing ill get nervous and it will get very tight, i take ativan for... (6 replies)

Tightness in chest
May 27, 2004
... shortness of breath, head, neck presure, vision disturbances etc. ... (6 replies)
... All that is true That all happend to me last year , the doctor gave me an inhaler for the shortness of breath but it made my heartbeat raise if i tooked two puffs which made me even nervous. I have diabeties and arthritis problems so I take severel medicine including insulin so when my blood suger got low I would start shaking and my anxiety kicked in even worse. All that... (7 replies)
... Tension and not breathing correctly i.e. shallow breathing this makes your chest muscles work harder and cause pain or tightness just like your legs after hard exercise! ... (7 replies)
... hi im 23 and here is my story:> im going to give you guys my information and story. feel free to right back with your similar story's. i have spent around 50 thousand dollars on test and some of the best doctors with top of the line insurance in America. SO PLEASE refrain from saying its basic stuff no offense the only basic analogy i could throw out at this point its anxiety... (4 replies)
... for about three weeks straight. But these symptoms seem to have waned and given way to what seems to be a neck spasm. When I point my face to the ceiling I experience a lot of neck tightness at the sides and around my adams apple. ... (3 replies)
Upper back pains
Apr 17, 2006
... Thank you, I laid down with my wife and my back relaxed and so did my chest plus my breathing was easier after about 10-15 min. (10 replies)
Upper back pains
Apr 17, 2006
... I get upper back pain and chest tightness all the time with increased anxiety and stress. It hurts all the way up to my neck. ... (10 replies)
... tightness, back pain, nausea, hands shake at times, constant checking to see if something is wrong, worried all the time, heart pounding, shallow breathing, chest tightness like can't expand it to take deep breath, feel like i'm floating, floors feels like its moving when i walk. ... (2 replies)
... I used to take Paxil for my generalized anxiety that was so debilitating that I couldn't function. Constant muscle tension and aches, inability to focus/concentrate, lightheadedness, chest tightness, unable to think about anything but my anxiety and symptoms, and jaw clenching/soreness from tooth grinding were my main problems. I weaned myself off Paxil after feeling pretty... (1 replies)
... If I have a bad morning, I will usually be really weak and lightheaded, but that is all. If it bothers me at work, it will be the tightness in the throat, tightness in the chest, hard to breath, or real shaky. In the evenings, it's more headaches or tension in my neck. ... (1 replies)
... During a panic attack I have the following symptoms, or this is what I remember lol *embarassed* Racing, pounding heart Heart palpitations (as in skipping beats) Feelings of despair Feeling like emotional life or physical life is coming to an end Chest pain Hyperventilation Chest tightness, feels like you can't breathe enough Weakness (120 replies)
... during really panicky moments. I experienced a hard tightness around the back of my neck region that usually led to headaches after a bad panic attack. ... (30 replies)
... I get it exactly the same - it's like 24/7 something's wrong no matter how relaxed and happy I'm feeling at the time It's always an 'easily-excitable' heart, for want of a better term, or chest/neck tightness (probably muscle tension from underlying stress but it never feels like it's really caused by anything I'm thinking or worrying about) I just hope the docs are... (9 replies)
Chest Pain? HELP
Feb 22, 2003
... needles down my left arm today and in my fingers, and tightness in the chest. This is a symptom of anxiety I have had many times, each time it feels worse than the last although it probably is not. ... (17 replies)

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