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... For the past 3 years now I have had horrible health anxiety brought on by my fathers death from cancer, I know for a fact that is where it started because it has been going on from the moment of his death. ... (3 replies)
... I assume you are taking pain killers. ... (5 replies)
... I am curious if this is anxiety or something worse. ... (0 replies)

... couldn't hear out of my right ear. I shut my eyes very tightly to try to get this thought out of my head. When I opened them a few seconds later, I felt a sharp pain on them, and a sudden tension rush starting from the back of my neck. ... (0 replies)
... I was extremely lonely and my anxiety seemed to be getting worse. Unable to cope with the severe panic and anxiety that has begun to consume my life, I went to my doctor in September and explained the situations I was in. ... (1 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression on been on 1 x Nuzak a day. No other meds for anxiety or depression. ... (4 replies)
... I am a twenty year old female who has been normally healthy. have found myself experiencing many symptoms of general anxiety these last three months. AlsoI believe it is caused by a very traumatic past life experience caused by a drug that was life threatening. ... (4 replies)
... ain aneurysm !!! Im almost positive that those come on without warning , like a sudden and severe headache. It sounds like you need a good chirapractor!! I have neck pain alot too, my neck cracks alot. Seeing a chiropractor really helps me. As far as your heart beating fast, im sure its from anxiety. Are you on any meds? ... (1 replies)
... sorry it's taken a while for me to see your post. i have some experience with this. i suffer from severe health anxiety but i tend to make all my illnesses worse. let me try and explain. ... (4 replies)
... ly ill, chronic sore throat, chills, and then I got the fatigue. I mean can't even sit up type of fatigue. My arms and legs were soon going asleep and tingly, my headache persisted, and my shoulder and neck are horribly knotted up. I've been to the Doc 1000 times and he has dismissed me as crazy. ... (6 replies)
... Sure. I should mention I almost never got headaches until two months ago and certainly never had migraines. No family history of migraines on either side. Usually it starts with feeling a bit off balance, like I'm on a boat that's moving slightly, typically when I'm walking. That gets worse if I'm in a supermarket or similar environment. Then I might get a... (5 replies)
Is this anxiety?
Sep 2, 2005
... I have been surfing the internet a lot lately to come up with an answer to what is going on with me. I keep coming back to this site and wondering is anxiety my problem. ... (1 replies)
... found myself in your shoes! I was in and out of urgent care 3 times in one week, worrying that something was wrong with me. I was having chest pains, arm pains, neck pains, the whole 9 yards. After lots of blood work, EKGs, and MRI, they said I was fine and stress CAN cause a lot of havoc in your body. ... (18 replies)
... usually just a dull ache unless I am genuinely anxious then it feels like the side of my neck are literally going to bust. ... (55 replies)
... The thing was with me, I never just had a headache I had a brain tumor, I never just had a sore throat I had throat cancer, I was never dizzy because my neck was out of place or I had water in my ears, I was having a stroke, I never had a pulled muscle, I was having a heart attack. ... (16 replies)
... ention that they only seem to, at first, experience them in the middle of the night and are awakened by them. Its like your mind is releasing all the stress and anxiety you have been accumulating during the day at night and in your dreams... ... (5 replies)
... is...on and off. I am having shortness right now and freaking myself out, hence why I am here right now. I was just preparing dinner when all of a sudden a sharp pain on the left side came on. It lasted for a good 10 seconds but now my thoughts are out of wack! ... (0 replies)
... HI I feel like a complete idiot. I went to the ear nose and throat doc yesterday for this dizziness I've been having. He said he thinks it could be migraine associated vertigo. The symptoms I told him about where, gray vision the day before the headache and dizziness get bad, feel like I'm rocking on a boat when I sit, stand or lay down, anxiety of course (which he said... (2 replies)
... Thank you 33george for sharing, it sounds like you're right in the middle of all this like we are. I'm sorry that you struggle with health anxiety too. ... (54 replies)
... Hey george, thank you for the response. MY neck is also bothering me, that along with my TMJ is my problem....I know that, when I try to think rationally, then, somehow, fear sets in anyway sometimes. ... (54 replies)

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