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... I've also been getting really tight and painfull shoulder and neck muscles recently. The pain even radiates down the arm and up the neck into the skull area. It's Not very nice, I have to keep making myself stop hunching my shoulders when I sit at my desk. ... (8 replies)
... Anyone here understand why small in stressful situations that really don't seem to bother us ,set off ultra tight back of neck and shoulder /trapezius muscles ?? I had an MRI no disc damage but tightness vregardless (1 replies)
... I Also agree....I see a chiropractor for my neck and everywhere else pain. can you set up an appointment for a massage, or even accupuncture will help. ... (8 replies)

... I'm a bit worried about my neck at the moment. ... (0 replies)
... developed severe pains lower back put it down to sprain stetched and pushed myself to be mobile , pain left back ended in right upper arm in muscle became very tight and caused buring pain in shoulderand collar bone socket and neck, seen doc diagniosed trapped nerve and give muscle relaxant. ... (0 replies)
... l was the most stressful time in my life...saw a chiropractor who REALLY helped....Paxil CR also helped a stress is back, and so is the achy, tight feeelings in my head and neck. ... (8 replies)
... All those are the result of stress. I recently did a med change & in between was so stressed that my neck & shoulders got so tight, that they are now in spasm & I can hardly turn my head either way. (8 replies)
... I don't have the attacks anymore and I very rarely if ever get those tight muscles now. ... (8 replies)
... I have really stiff muscles in my shoulder and especially in my neck and face and the top of my head. I think this is due to my constant anxiety. ... (8 replies)
... I get terrible neck, shoulder and arm pain from tight neck muscles. I'm currently seeing a Chiro as the pain is so bad. The other thing that helps is therapeutic massage. ... (4 replies)
... Even though I'm on 20 mg. of lexapro (which has eliminated my panick attacks) I'm still anxious and nervous all of the time. I was just telling my husband that I feel like I need a professional massage every day. My neck, shoulders and back are constantly tense and my body feels sore all the time. I chalk it up to my anxiety. I recently joined the gym again - hopefully... (1 replies)
... It seemed to answer so many of the things that I was experiencing.... Chest pain similar to angina, pinky finger sometimes going a bit numb, chest discomfort, neck shoulder pain and a few others. One of the causes listed for TOS was repetitive tasks such as being at the pc or hours, which of course is my job description. ... (6 replies)
... HEY!!! It helped me! I am almost in tears as I re-visit this site. My anxiety is back due to getting a divorce and you reminded me that all of this stuff can happen. Husband is getting a little mean and has called me "psycho" more than a few times. It's been a long time, but anxiety seems to be there just when your life starts to fall apart again! I beat it once...I'll... (7 replies)
... Everything you said is true about anxiety. Anxiety can last for minutes, days, weeks, months. It can come and go or it can last the duration. I would have attacks come and go all day long and in between my body would be suffering the consequences of it so I was in a constant state of anxiety for months. You do not necessary have to have an "attack" to be suffering from... (7 replies)
... My symptoms are: neck, shoulder and upper back stiffness and pain lower back pain frequent urination ( feels like an UTI) dizziness heart throbbing with cough afterwards acid reflux with nausea stomach bubbling tense muscles that cause all kinds of concerns arm muscles and leg muscles are tight and sometimes make it impossible to walk (16 replies)
Run of bad luck
Jan 3, 2005
... shoulder tension, tight jaw muscles, shortness of breath, chest pain that moves etc.. ... (2 replies)
Please Help!
Jun 1, 2004
... These are all possible symptoms of anxiety. Horribly long list, isn't it? But you'll find on this list both of the symptoms you're describing. Smothering sensations and Shortness of breath Racing heart, slow heart beat, palpitations Chest Pain Lump in throat & Difficulty swallowing Skin losing colour (blanching) Sweating Shaking or shivering (Visibly or internally)... (7 replies)
... Hey nyxin, I left you a response in the bowel forum. So, that's your business you have? How wonderful!! I haven't ridden for so's expensive! And if I just go once, I'll want to go again and again. I should reconsider in the Spring, oh the freedom and sense of peace I got when I rode. Wonderful memories! Teaching kids to ride, wow, as frustrating as it may... (8 replies)
... I have had this it comes and goes a massage or hot bath helps sometimes. (8 replies)
... (I'm female, slight of build but at that time in good condition with muscles from horseback riding), hey quincy, we have spoken before in some other posts, i just wanted to give a shout out to another horse lover.. i am a riding instructor myself. talk about stress, teaching little kids how to ride a 1200lbs animal...wheeeeewww, sorry this is off the subject........ (8 replies)

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