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... Hi burg3r I have exactly the same symptoms as you , I also have tmj so not sure how much is anxiety and how much is tmj ! But these symptoms only came on when I was anxious ! ... (14 replies)
Neck tightness
Jul 20, 2007
... But since I have anxiety, I also feel tightness and am very aware of my neck, throat, and jaw and imagine that everything is swelling up again and the virus is back. ... (5 replies)
... Yes, yes, yes to all those symptoms. I have 24/7 face tightness, 24/7 eye pressure (both eyes), 24/7 ear fullness (both ears), 24/7 neck tightness, 24/7 whole head tightness. I tried wearing the mouth guard ( $500 out of pocket), and it made my head pressure worse in the morning. I tried the cheapy "football" mouthguards. No luck there either. In 2004,... (4 replies)

... usually just a dull ache unless I am genuinely anxious then it feels like the side of my neck are literally going to bust. ... (55 replies)
Neck tightness
Mar 24, 2005
... s symptom My neck tightens up and I almost cant turn my head it seems like my neck muscles get real tight and when I turn my head it feels like Im shaking and my neck is freezing up its a really wierd and disturbing feeling I dont remember having that when I had anxiety before, but it happens when im having an anxiety attack. ... (3 replies)
... Yea, i hear ya, except my dizziness is all the time. Everyday for over a year and a half. Plus its starting to cause anxiety. My neck is real tight and i try and heat it. Tht seems to help the neck tightness but not the lightheaded feeling. ... (2 replies)
Neck tightness
Jul 20, 2007
... One of the classic symptoms of anxiety is neck, back and chest tension. ... (5 replies)
Neck tightness
Mar 24, 2005
... to donovan get doc to check the neck but it may well be anxiety, learn to relax and to let go of excess stress, a long soak in a hot bath will help, also get someone to massage your neck or massage it yourself valium type meds relax the muscles for a while (3 replies)
... I have posted here many times with my "anxiety" symptoms. The problem for me is that I don't feel "panicky" or atleast not excessively so (obviously I'm anxious about my symptoms that have been going on for over a year now - tight chest, blurry vision, head and neck tightness, shortness of breath etc). My doc says I'm siffering with hypervigilance and also a psychologist said... (6 replies)
... they gave me ativan and diagnosed me with anxiety, the anxiety was there, i dont believe the chest tightness was caused by anxiety though. it felt like tightness brought on by something else. ... (43 replies)
... I have diabeties and arthritis problems so I take severel medicine including insulin so when my blood suger got low I would start shaking and my anxiety kicked in even worse. All that advice works. ... (7 replies)
... I suffered with anxiety for over two years, started at the age of 19 now 21 and what a difference. ... (7 replies)
... Not really looking for advice just looking to vent. Anxiety sufferer of 15 years, generalized anxiety and obsessive thoughts, obsessive health anxiety... ... (1 replies)
... I am wondering if I should be concerned about this being more than just anxiety symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... rs with top of the line insurance in America. SO PLEASE refrain from saying its basic stuff no offense the only basic analogy i could throw out at this point its anxiety and panic attack disorder no matter how irritating and discombobulating it is and all the above. ... (4 replies)
... I started having a tightness in my throat that wouldn't go away. The throat tightness was so bad that on some nights I wouldn't sleep at all and pace back and forth wondering if I was going to pass out or if I should go to the ER. ... (1 replies)
... I have been told by at least 7 doctors I have anxiety and it's just getting worst. ... (13 replies)
... Over the past 2 years I have had a series of relationships with people that had either anxiety or depression or both ... I recently had 2 bad relationships with one involving the selling of my house... ... (6 replies)
... Haven't posted for a while as trying to keep my anxiety at bay but I now have a new symptom that I am panicing about. ... (3 replies)
... uddenly in a panic but I had a clear mind. I took 2 pills and after about an hour I was able to sleep. I slept almost all day on Sunday but when I did get up the anxiety was there. I also started my period that day. The next day wasn't as tough. Tuesday, Wednesday, and today I've been able to go all day without meds. ... (5 replies)

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