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... Needing to take a deep breath and yawning is a big indicator of anxiety problems. Since you seem to have been tested well, I doubt that heart problems are the cause of this. ... (5 replies)
Symptoms of GAD
Jul 18, 2006
... I have had the same symptom of sob on and off for at least 7 yrs. Like you, I have had tests that ruled out a physical problem but it hasnt stopped. My main issue is a feeling like I cant take a deep breath, then the worry about stopping breathing, dizziness etc. ... (3 replies)
Panic question
Jul 2, 2008
... me on. Sheer panick. No one understands unless they have had one. It is very real and you are not imagining it. It's just telling yourself that you are NOT going to die from it, and you just need to take a deep breath and wait for it to pass. Sometimes I literally pace the floors and kind of wear myself out. I hate it! ... (3 replies)

... with an occasional need for Xanax. You have to find what works for you and remember that it can take up to a month or two to figure out what works and the dosage. I just keep remembering the panic and anxiety and realize that thank goodness there are meds! ... (17 replies)
... Benzo's have little side effects up front and work amazing for anxiety relief. They will cause drowsiness for the first few days to a week you are taking them if you take them consistantly. If you take them as needed, the drowsiness will come every time you take it. ... (2 replies)
... Yes i was just about to say it sounds like air hunger. I get it a lot and it really tires me out. It always feels like you need to take a deep breath and yawn. ... (9 replies)
... I've had first hand experience in hyperventilating until passing out! If your breathing gets out of control, or too rapid, you hyperventilate. To help prevent this you need to take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale from the mouth. This will help slow down the breathing. ... (4 replies)
... All day yesterday i did not have of the yawning or need to take a deep breath,so i thought it was going away,but was back when i awoke this morning because my dumb mind wont let me stop thinking so much. ... (1 replies)
... Hopefully you can afford to go to a doctor.... ... (9 replies)
... hi was wondering how long thisbreathing or yawninging thing can last.went to er thought i was having heart attack or going to pass out from nerves.they did blood test chest xrays ekg stress test .said oyxegen levels were good. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you Violet! I appreciate your advice! I think it is sooo true what you said. I just need to take a big breath and exhale. I was completely in the midst of a major panic attack. I have had the cough for a good two to 3 weeks. ... (3 replies)
... I'm not clear on why you want to take the aspirin. My brother takes a baby aspirin every day because we have history of heart disease in our family. It probably won't hurt if you feel it is helping you. ... (11 replies)
... the other day i ad really bad anxiety and a panic attack and shortness of breath when i didnt sleep for 2 days after a guy tryed to break into my car with me in it.i had taken myself off paxil 20mg a month or so berfore and i was doing i put myself back on it. ... (5 replies)
Way to long
Dec 5, 2009
... I have most of those anxiety symptoms, especially the acid reflux, waking up in that moment right before falling asleep and taking a deep, much needed breath... ... (2 replies)
... Hi everybody, I have experienced constant breathing issues for over more than a year, mainly in the form of a need to take a deep breath occassionaly, which is being stuck on the way (you can read the details in an older post of mine half a year ago; No real change since). The only weapon conventional medicine offers me is SSRI/SNRI. I am quite hesitant, mostly because I... (4 replies)
... Close your eyes and imagine sitting in a garden full of your favorite flowers. ... (0 replies)
... for about a year and a half now. Often it feels like there's a lump in my throat, and pressure. Also, my throat and chest get really tight. Sometimes I don't feel any of that, but just feel like I can't get enough air. ... (10 replies)
May 26, 2003
... Well this isn't going to be very comforting, however... ... (3 replies)
... Yes I have tried cardio and was walking about 2 miles a day. This did not help because I get scared going out and away from home now. ... (9 replies)
Anxiety symptoms?
Apr 14, 2014
... anxiety medicine to me, but I haven't taken it because I never felt like that was my problem. ... (1 replies)

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