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... people with the need to take deep breaths all the time or yawn,how can they tell it anxietyand what is a normal time span to take a deep breath on average. ... (3 replies)
... I am trying to break myself of looking up all my symptoms on the internet as well...not a good thing! ... (5 replies)
... Oh my gosh I was just going to do a post about this. Today I feel like I need to keep trying to take a deep breath. Like I can't get enough in. I know I am dealing with allergies and a nagging slight sinus infection that won't seem to leave. ... (3 replies)

... and this seems to help a little. Also like others have mentioned I need to yawn EXCESSIVELY to get these breaths. It's frustrating. ... (6 replies)
Deep breath
Sep 7, 2010
... but i have a constant need to take deep breaths instead on just breathing normal. ... (1 replies)
... It takes a little while, three weeks or so, but this is what I did to stop my case of hyperventilation syndrome. ... (9 replies)
... Since I was 21 I have suffered from panic attacks, however my panic attacks edged on to general anxiety attacks. I've always been very anxcious, worried, caring person. However they got worse. I noticed they really got worse after stress. ... (1 replies)
... am stressed. I feel that I cannot get a full breath in or a deep satisfying breath. When it gets out of control I even want to try to yawn every few minutes, which really doesn't make sense when you stop and think about it. The more I thought about it the worse it became. ... (7 replies)
Do I have Anxiety?
Jan 10, 2005
... He can put your mind at ease and tell him what you've been feeling. Doctors are there to help us, so maybe he can give you some good advice and help. ... (17 replies)
... need to take deep breath or yawning to get deep breath,they say you breath 15-20 breaths a minute normally,what is the normal for taking deep breath:cool: (0 replies)
... i suffer from panic attacks with just this symptom, and thats the need to keep taking a deep breath. Its horrible. Whats not normal is the need to keep taking large sighs, which is what i do when im feeling particulary anxious. ... (3 replies)
... it's air hunger.. The brain in anxious state wants you to breathe deeper and faster so you can run or fight to get more oxygen in your system. ... (9 replies)
Failed :(
Jun 20, 2009
... Ive taken a valium which has taken the edge off a bit, but im still feeling like i need to take deep breaths all the time. It exhaustes me and upsets me. Will i ever get over this? ... (2 replies)
... It's normal with anxiety. It's called air hunger. What helped me before was when driving turning on the AC to full cold or taking slow breaths from the freezer. Cold air is denser so will help a bit. ... (6 replies)
... The only thing I feel that helped me was medication and therapy. I learned to deal with the anxiety. You have to turn your negative thoughts into positives. You need to say to yourself "this is just anxiety. I am not going to die. ... (7 replies)
... ou get around new people. my hubby has this and there is meds for this. just remember that no one is any better than you are. also that panic feeling. I know way to much about that. I have panic attacts. thats what you are having. you can be in the middle of something and suddenly feel like you are freaking out. ... (4 replies)
... I came on here this morning to get some help and encouragement for myself, but what the heck perhaps we cana give it to each other!! ... (2 replies)
... hours of uninterupted sleep per night. Then I had some pain in each of my underarm areas. Attributed that to caffenine. But I worry about it still. Then I pulled a muscle in my back, but worry about that. ... (5 replies)
Questions on ekg?
Jun 20, 2012
... deep breaths no here is my question i had xrax ekg and blood work all of it came back good but befor i left he said i had a small issue with my ekg he wanted me to go to my doctor and have her refur me to a cardiologist to have it looked at again. ... (1 replies)
Throat clearing
May 1, 2006
... OK, Mine has been going on nearly three months now with a pretty much constant feeling that I can't breathe properly. I seem to need to take deep breaths alot and I sigh alot. I also yawn regularly and I suffer from excessive burping throough swallowing too much air. ... (5 replies)

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