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... This is getting out of hand. I have been having these problems for a few months now after hearing really bad news. I have a lot on my plate right now and I constantley have anxiety all day long. ... (9 replies)
... For the past week or so I have been experiencing a need to take a deep breath every so often or yawn. Now all I think about is my breathing and I keep testing myself like walking up and down stairs to see if I'm really short of breath. ... (12 replies)
... hological hypothesis has some credibility, I thought about that as well. In addition I had my own hypothesis that has helped me a bit so you may or may not want to try. ... (6 replies)

... I do try to ask my self, like you suggested, if I really have what I think is wrong with me. ... (5 replies)
... Hello Nemmm, I wish you weren't feeling this way but, I too have days like yours. Before finding this health board I was able to only find 2 other people that felt like I did. It was an instant, "oh my gosh, you too? ... (4 replies)
... ly when it started but i noticed this urge to take in a deep breath alot,sometimes not getting it,or yawning all the time if i keep my mind on other things seems to let up some,but if i focus on it alot oh boy all hhhh breaks loose.Had stress test,ekg,blood test chest xray,all normal,normal blood pressure.any ideas. ... (6 replies)
... The problem happens when I buy in to the thought that I need to know that this wont get worse or kill me. ... (7 replies)
... sudden intake of breath in sleep that wakes me up. Yes, as well as sudden body "jerks" that wake me up Feeling like my breathing has completely stopped. ... (20 replies)
... up or work out. I'm thinking I may have pulled a muscle or something. My heart has also been beating faster than normal lately. Also, one more thing, it is hard to take a DEEP breath. I can breathe, but I'm talking about a deep breathe. ... (2 replies)
... and this seems to help a little. Also like others have mentioned I need to yawn EXCESSIVELY to get these breaths. It's frustrating. ... (6 replies)
... with an occasional need for Xanax. You have to find what works for you and remember that it can take up to a month or two to figure out what works and the dosage. I just keep remembering the panic and anxiety and realize that thank goodness there are meds! ... (17 replies)
... that these drugs, as good as they are for combatting classical anxiety symptoms, have really helped anyone for this kind of symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... Yes i was just about to say it sounds like air hunger. I get it a lot and it really tires me out. It always feels like you need to take a deep breath and yawn. ... (9 replies)
... as diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I had all the symptoms, and thought that I was going crazy. Somehow, after a lot of therapy sessions, I managed to overcome it without any meds. ... (2 replies)
Starting Zoloft
Jul 15, 2005
... Before you can take a deep breath "in", you have to give one away "out". ... (6 replies)
... But I'm constantly taking a deep breath throughout the day. And i feel the exact same way that my lungs are not getting filled with enough air. ... (5 replies)
... Hi! This message is in response to Jpdst29. I am a 23 year old female, in good shape, do not smoke, and do not have asthma. ... (41 replies)
... If you want to read about my previous history, tests, symptoms, etc. ... (3 replies)
... I'm tapering off of Prozac as i felt after 2 years it wasnt really helping my anxiety, i dont have depression. My Doctor mentioned to me that if i was still having these terrible shortness of breath episodes after i come off Prozac, she would look for an alternative med. ... (9 replies)
Symptoms of GAD
Jul 18, 2006
... m of sob on and off for at least 7 yrs. Like you, I have had tests that ruled out a physical problem but it hasnt stopped. My main issue is a feeling like I cant take a deep breath, then the worry about stopping breathing, dizziness etc. ... (3 replies)

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