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... Or is the high blood pressure from the Anxiety attacks? ... (0 replies)
... Lourage, your blood pressure sounds alot like mine.. ... (22 replies)
... anxiety of late and have noticed that my blood pressure and heart rate tend to be lower than usual at times. ... (0 replies)

... h were too numerous to mention. She kept saying "white coat hypertension" but I experience high readings at home too, although I can't decide if it's anxiety or blood pressure. Now that doctor is gone and I know my next appointment will be with the initial doctor who diagnosed me. ... (7 replies)
... Rays...everything was normal...and blood work...on June 30, I had what has been my worst panic attack to blood pressure has been high since the May Panic Attack...2 blood pressure medications...nothing will get it under control...granted it's not extreme but it is high... ... (1 replies)
... I have experience with this! I take atenolol for tachycardia and pvc's but my blood pressure was never really 'high' but maybe borderline. I took 50mg. I went on paxil and had no problems with taking both. Last year my new doc put me buspar 7. ... (1 replies)
... Anyone else have really high blood pressure readings at their Drs. visits? ... (1 replies)
... this happened a few nights ago. the whole day i really wasn't feeling good. then i had some coffee candy and that pushed me over the edge, i think. i felt like i was going to faint and began getting nervous. after about an hour i took my blood pressure and it read 163/112. then 5 minutes later took it again and it read 166/112. then i waited and took it 30 minutes later and it... (1 replies)
... I think going to the doctors will really ease your mind, besure to take your recorded blood pressure readings with you.Because when you are at the doctors your blood pressure probably will be high just because you are nervous and your pulse will be high also, but that is normal for someone who has white coat syndrome. ... (22 replies)
Blood pressure
Jul 26, 2010
... Your blood pressure is great, no worries! ... (3 replies)
... Anxiety can certainly cause your blood pressure to rise. Have you been diagnosed with high blood pressure before, and are you taking any medications for it, or the anxiety? ... (1 replies)
... ONLY ever take a reading if you feel relaxed and have not eaten or exercised within the last 30mins,that will give your true blood pressure...taking it while panicking will lead to false readings and making YOU feel worse!.. ... (18 replies)
... my BP a few times a day to log it and bring it in to show the doctor, and now my readings have been pretty normal. Could it just have been i was making myself so nervous setting the machine up that i even got white coat taking it at my house? ... (22 replies)
... I know that Anxiety medication can cause lowered blood pressure due to relaxation on the nervous system. I'm not sure if anxiety can cause it...but anxiety can pretty much cause anything, so who knows. ... (4 replies)
... I have this terrible.....when i have to go to the doctor's i try to stay calm but soon as i walk into the office i can feel my heart start to beat real fast and i can feel myself getting very nervous...So everytime i have my blood pressure taken at the doctor's office it is at least 155/ 86.. when i do it at home it is 127/58. I always tell them i have white coat syndrome, so... (2 replies)
... Effexor is well known for increasing blood pressure. If you're having HBP problems to begin with, I'd contact your doctor for an alternative AD. ... (12 replies)
... jitters, with occasional spacey feelings and occasional blood rush type feeling throughout my body. My doctor did some bloodwork and discovered I was Type 2 diabetic and also had fluxuating blood pressure. ... (6 replies)
... for me. My ears are also full and always pop, and my muscles are tense and light is sensitive to my eyes and I am always fatigued and tired and there is always pressure in my temples and pain on the top of my head. None of this started untill I went to the dentist. ... (57 replies)
... i went to school 3 yrs ago and graduated last stressed me out so badly i ended up on blood pressure meds. toward the end.. ... (6 replies)
... I started back to therapy, went the the psychiatrist, and back to my very understanding regular doc. She did my blood work last month as part of my cholesterol work, and reassured me I was healthy. She even said she would write me a note saying "You are healthy" if I wanted. ... (4 replies)

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