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... I've always been a nervous person but it just seems to finally be showing itself. My main symptoms are a racing heart and that nervous butterfly feeling in my stomach. I've been taking 25mg of metprolol for about 4 months now and it has been wonderful. ... (1 replies)
Do I have anxiety?
Jan 19, 2005
... th me lately. In about 3 weeks I will be going onto my externship for dental assisting school and I AM SUPER SUPER NERVOUS!! I don't think I have ever been this nervous for anything in my life. ... (4 replies)
Nov 14, 2003
... The illness affects many parts of the body such as the nervous and immune systems. The most common symptoms are severe fatigue or exhaustion, problems with memory and concentration and muscle pain. ... (2 replies)

... answers, I'm Constantly looking for answers and people who go through the same thing after having a baby.. I have other symptoms like muscle twitching, this lump feeling in my throat, it's like I'm constantly trying to get it out by coughing but nothing? ... (5 replies)
... was praying for a miracle to save me or god as i was running every red light going 90 miles per hour towards a hospital getting tunnel vision and seeing floaters feeling like i was going to pass out. so i park my car in the road stumble towards the registration counter at the ER and told them i was having a heart attack. ... (4 replies)
Lexapro Experience
Sep 15, 2008
... I've had GAD for about 5 years now. I first succesfully managed it with Klonopin and Paxil, which I took for about 2 years. I then weaned off both after feeling like I had my life back again. ... (4 replies)
... Out of the blue I start feeling violently ill. ... (3 replies)
... Hello. Hope you are feeling better. ... (5 replies)
... old her how much i hated school and stuff. Then all of a sudden my heart began to beat uncontrolably for the next half hour. I had to tell my mom lets go iam not feeling to well I went home and spoke with my ex girlfriend who calmed me down a bit till my heart was fine. ... (4 replies)
... and have the same dizzy feeling you get. I have every test as well. I have so much anxiety over this that it is driving me crazy. I do associate alot of this with gas. ... (98 replies)
... I take a small dose also. Only 25 mg. It is now day 4, still have the stomach upset, nervous stomach, and some anxiety, like at times, feel uncomfortable in my own skin, restless feeling, it goes away after a while. ... (13 replies)
... t I'm pretty sure I'm dealing with social anxiety and have been for several years. Going to class or going out is torture. Everytime I go to class I start to get nervous and then my stomach starts acting up, with gas or the feeling of having to go to the bathroom. ... (5 replies)
... Mine starts with butterflies in my stomach, I get nervous and start rambling. I usually try to talk myself out of it, but when that doesn't work, the butterflies are more like monkeys jumping around in my stomach. ... (11 replies)
... Last week my left ear got clogged. For some reason, this made me extremely nervous and I was stressed to the max. After a few days it got better and I was feeling good, for a few hours at least. Later that evening I began to feel pressure in my right ear as well and that brought back the anxiety. ... (5 replies)
... zombie feeling in head almost like I'm in a mild "vegetative state". ... (0 replies)
Help Me!!!
Sep 12, 2007
... OK about three months ago i was feeling really dizzy im a 21 year old female. I had anxiety along with it because I was getting nervous about what this vertigo feeling was. I went to the dr. in June and they did blood work and everything came back normal. He also sent me to a Neurologist who did an EEG and a brain mri. ... (8 replies)
... tarted to feel like breathing became more difficult but I chalked it up to possible allergies and went to sleep. i woke up the next day and went through the day feeling fine and then again that night while I was sitting with my girlfriend watching a movie I started to get that short of breath feeling. ... (5 replies)
... it. In December, I had gallbladder surgery and that caused my anxiety to go crazy. I couldn't sleep well, was having terrible dreams, inability to concentrate, stomach issues, and problems with acid reflux. ... (3 replies)
Sep 22, 2009
... I've been having this feeling in my chest sort of like a "butterfly" feeling we get in the stomach. Has anyone ever had this feeling? ... (0 replies)
... Then, I went to this doctor and have to have a physical. I was nervous going and was happy when it was finally my turn to go in. I had to wait for the doctor for a good 20 minutes before the doctor came in. ... (1 replies)

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