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... Sorry about that. Sometimes I don't look left. I just hope you can get rid of the stomach anxiety. I had a horrible time with it myself. It was the worst symtom I had in fact. ... (6 replies)
... Take some extra with you and have a good trip and wake up early every morning and relax for a half hour or so. ... (2 replies)
... and for some reason I have butterflies in my stomach and I feel really nervous. ... (3 replies)

... I used to have the same thing with the stomach in the morning. Thankfully not so much anymore. I usually had good nts so it really baffled me why my stomach would hurt first thing in the morning. When I asked around I was basically told that my brain keeps working and thinking even when we are asleep. ... (5 replies)
... I'm not sure where this has come from. I've always been a bit of a nervous person and a nervous kid. I think I've always had a bit of a nervous stomach. I remember when I was in about the 4th or 5th grade I got a really bad ear ache in school. ... (35 replies)
... e a few weeks ago, i have a great husband, nice place to live, great joc etc.. I am currently taking 37.5 mg of effexor, 900 mg of neurontin and 1 mg of klonopin every morning.. ... (4 replies)
Diarrhea anxiety
Aug 23, 2003
... back kinda guy to get up at 6 AM, constant stress kinda guy. Immediately, I started to have daily diarrhea, almost always in the morning just about a half hour after I got up. ... (41 replies)
... Hey guys. Im not sure if I have anxiety problems but here goes... I sorta always feel know like that butterflies in your stomach feel? ... (11 replies)
... excited, and anxious. I usually only feel this way in the mornings. I recently got over a stomach ailment, but I'm afraid the symptoms are going to return and I will get sick again. ... (4 replies)
... every morning I get so nervous that I actually get sick for the past few days. ... (4 replies)
... I think i have always had anxiety. If it was a certain worrisome or nervous issue I would get the stomach churning feeling and trembling but I just never knew it was called anxiety! Since having my daughter 3 years ago things seem to have gone worse. ... (1 replies)
New to this...
Sep 8, 2008
... Thanks for the response violet. I used to wake up every morning dreading the day and I was a nervous wreck with that knot in my stomach. Now I am calm in the morning and just ready to go on with the day. My doctor did recommend therapy as well and did give me a name. However, I have not taken that step just yet. ... (3 replies)
... with this anxious, electrical feel, and a nervous stomach. During the morning I am not comfortable, hard to eat, etc. About noon it starts to let up. By evening I am absolutely fine.Anything could happen and I would not be anxious. ... (2 replies)
... I have nervous stomach pains frequently, and sometimes a tightness in my chest. I am tired all the time. For the last few weeks, I have vomited almost every morning. I have seen a Dr, and he has prescribed Ambian to help me sleep. ... (31 replies)
Please help me..
Dec 26, 2009
... I would get up every morning at 5:00 a.m. and just be so detached from myself and I would cry for no reason at all. Anxiety has so many symptoms and when it hits you at different times you also get different symptoms. Like one month I get headaches, feel detached, and tired -- another month I will feel nervous, anxious and sick to my stomach. I have generalized anxiety... (7 replies)
... Hi, I've had this for a good while now and some days worse than others, but I'm not sure what to do about it. Sometimes in the morning I get sick to my stomach and then followed with the need to use the toilet every 5 minutes. ... (2 replies)
... X every day? ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone, This group is incredibly informative Much more productive than searching medical sites for diseases I might have (which I have to say is what got me into this whole cycle of misery two years ago) I went on Paxil two years ago after convincing myself I had colon cancer. My doctor did all the obligatory barbaric tests - barium enema, upper GI with the barium... (4 replies)
... come over me every so often. ... (12 replies)
... When it is at it's worst, say if I'm talking to someone and I'm nervous all of a sudden I get this strange rush throughout my body then I go all panicky and seem to loose track of what I was saying. I just feel the need to get away. ... (16 replies)

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