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... My doc started me out on 30 mg. Cymbalta, which is the usual starting dose. After 2 days I called back because I was so nervous and jittery. She said to cut it in half, so I did for the next 4 night. Still nervous. ... (11 replies)
... I woke up a jittery mess. I called my doc, who told me to cut down to 15 mg. for a few days and see how it goes. The Paxil never gave me ANY side effects, and once I tried Zoloft, and it didn't give me any side effects either, but it simply didn't work at all. ... (11 replies)
... My doc and my homoepath think that my nervousness is probably because of withdrawal from stopping the Paxil cold turkey more than it is from the starting the Cymbalta. ... (12 replies)

... a dose of Cymbalta for 8 days, I need to stick with it longer and see how it goes. I have heard that these meds can actually make things worse for a short time before they get better. ... (11 replies)
... After 13 days of putting up with extreme nervousness from Lexapro, I went to my doc again today. I decided to try Cymbalta. Has anyone else tried this for Anxiety? ... (11 replies)
... I was not getting the relief I needed from 30 mg. Cymbalta, so I upped to 60 4 days ago. Yesterday I was feeling better, and today I'm all nervous and jittery again! ... (12 replies)
... Still working on this med change. My paxil quite working after 6.5 yr. I went cold turky onto Lexapro, and after 9 days of it stopped, because of side effects. I was extremely nervous, upset guts, flashes in my head. I changed to Cymbalta. ... (6 replies)
... ith time or not. I've asked that on other boards, but haven't really gotten an answer. I know that with a regular ssri, some anxiety is normal at the beginning and goes away with time, but I don't know if it's the same with cymbalta. ... (12 replies)
... I took Paxil and never had a single side effect, but it stopped working. I once tried Zoloft, no side effets, but it just didn't do a think. ... (12 replies)
... i have generalized anxiety disorder, and it's been amplified since ive been going to college. ... (2 replies)
SSRI Withdrawal
May 10, 2007
... Well, I had been taking Paxil for 6.5 yr. and it just suddenly stopped working. My doc changed me to Lexapro, and told me to just stop the Paxil and start the Lex. ... (11 replies)
... and I seemed fine for two days, they today the nervousness hit again like a freight train. ... (4 replies)
... well, it's too late to NOT take Paxil. That is my problem. I got servere anxiety that showed up after the birth of my son 7 yr. ago, and after 6 mo. of not getting over it, and not sleeping for days at a time, by doc put me on Paxil. It was glorious until it stopped working about 3 mo. ago. ... (7 replies)
... I took 20 mg. Paxil for 6.5 yr and it worked great. I loved it. When I stopped working I was more than bummed. I upped it to 30 for a week, and it made no improvement at all. I'm having a hard time. I'm now taking Cymbalta, for a weeks. Started at 30 mg. and I got very nervous, so went down to 15. ... (5 replies)
... My homeopath thinks my nervousness is mostly due to withdrawal, and thinks I should up the Cymbalta a bit. 30 mg is the recommened starting dose, but after 2 days I went down to 15 mg. which they don't even make it that small. I had to split one. ... (6 replies)
... I asked the pharmacist, and they said it was okay to wean off one while getting on the other slowly. One doc told me she thought when I was on Cymbalta my nervousness was from stopping the Paxil cold turkey, and she suggested I add some Paxil back for a while as see. I should have tried it. ... (3 replies)
... Now that I am in my 40's,it has gotten alot better and xanax does help alot,but as soon as a very stressful situation occurs,WHAM,anxiety and panic come back full swing.Right now I have been battling some sort of illness that no one can diagnose and my son has been ill also,and nothing seems normal. ... (25 replies)
Intense fear
Sep 20, 2009
... Hi, I am a 53 yr. old woman who has been having a lot of health problems and severe back pain. I've been to many doctors and they're saying I have bad discs in my whole back and autoimmune disease. I'm on the 3rd medicine, and nothing helps the pain. ... (3 replies)
Mixing SSRI
Jun 30, 2007
... I have taken Paxil for 6.5 yr and it's not working anymore. I tried to change to Lexapro, and it did not agree with me at all, then I tried Cymbalta, and it worked but I was nervous all the time. So my doc put me back on Paxil and doubled my dose to 40 mg. It's just not working. ... (7 replies)

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